Saturday, October 1, 2011

23 before 24 update

17. Take a picture of the same place once a month for a year.  Part four.

it's been fall for what, two weeks? i found the only two yellow leaves in all of billings, i think. everything is green. everywhere. still. and by everything, i mean the trees. (which is fine, not complaining. just sayin.) and also, 89 degrees isn't fall. which is what it was today. but that's okay, too. i might as well have hot weather since i'm rewinding to summer in 2 weeks. whatevs.

ps. the rims are going to fall onto this town someday. that crack is ginormous and terrifying AND it's not the only one! eek! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! <3 there are lots of changing leaves by my house! My front fence hedge is bright red- it's gorgeous!