Sunday, October 16, 2011

week of thanks, week forty

373. being in a public place and not having a melt down. even though i oh so wanted to.

374. becoming an official employee early.

375. my supervisor telling me, "we're really going to miss you, you do such a great job." a job that appreciates me? so. weird.

376. free books for the kindle. and their "classics." i better enjoy.

377. cheating my allergies and letting puppies and kitty sleep with us. so much love!

378. fitting everything in one suitcase. i swear, i can fit 2 weeks worth of candy, snacks, clothes, toiletries in anything. except my carry on, i have the hardest time attempting to pack that stupid thing.

379. by the time you're reading this, i'm probably hanging out with my favorite kiddos on the planet. be very jealous of me. also, it's probably approximately 85, no humidity, and sunny. be very, very jealous.

380. being one of the very select group of people who could very easily pack up and move to ethiopia. equals being okay with never eating meat again. equals being okay with once a week showers. equals being okay with clothes washing in the sink. equals i love that place so, so much.

381. not really knowing what the second half of october is.

2 loves:

  1. Can you elaborate on 373 and 381? Curious!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. I really, really love these posts. =] I might have to steal this from you next year! You're in Ethopia right now and I've been thinking about you guys!!!! Lots of stuff is happening around here and I wish you were home! I can't wait to catch up on everything and craft and hang out when you're back!! <3