Monday, October 31, 2011

home again

finally home.

after two long weeks on the other side of the globe, with my favorite kiddos, and some new favorites, i'm just plain exhausted.

i have a 60 page list of all the american food i want to devour, 55 piles of disgusting laundry probably infested with bed bugs and cockroaches, pictures to edit, naps to take, and three million errands to run.

apparently, time doesn't stop for you when you're not here.

my trip was amazing. (sans the 17 hour plane ride on the way home. except i did get an exit row thanks to my mother.) i cannot wait to write it all out, to immortalize it forever.

saying goodbye is always next to impossible, but at the end of the trip i'm always ready to come home.

little decho, brand new last year, brand new kid this year.

it only took three trips to finally stop at an africa tree.
twins at the church, obisee and jitu.

stories and pictures and stories and pictures and stories and pictures to come soon soon soon.

5 loves:

  1. I'm glad to hear that you had such an amazing trip. I can't wait to read the stories and see all the pictures.

  2. Oh! Glad you're back safe! Those children are just sooo adorable!!!!
    Can't wait to read more about your trip!

    Janette the Jongleur

  3. Oh I am so excited to read and devour the stories and pictures from your trip!!

    Love the African tree! and I am glad you made it home safe... hope you get rested up soon!

  4. Yaaaaay! I'm so happy you're home! <3 I hope you get to feeling back to normal soon. I can't wait to read it all and see the pictures! <3