Monday, August 15, 2011


After taking my cousin Marilyn's senior pictures on Sunday, I think I'm going to not be a paralegal and I think I'll just take pictures for the rest of my life. Seriously? SO. FUN.

Here's a few of my faves!

And by a "few" I mean eleven. We had so much fun. Her smile is so great and those spontaneous snapped ones are my absolute fave! She's such a beautiful girl, I'm so glad I could give her this gift as she begins her final year of high school.

Ps. We illegally trespassed onto that railroad bridge and it is terrifying. Those posts are like a foot apart and they creek and moan under the slightest weight. I would probably pee my pants going over a bridge in a train. But those are the coolest pictures. The sun was kind to us. Also that chair? That's thanks to my antique parents. I never liked it until I stuck it in a field of wilderness. Now I'm in love. We're going again for round 2 soon because we just had too much fun to only do this once.

6 loves:

  1. You did a fantastic job beautiful. I love you!

  2. these are amazing! You should definitely quit your day job.
    And also, I wish I lived near you (again) so we could constantly do photo shoots with each other.

  3. very sweet! Love the close up with the sunflower.

  4. They're perfect! And you and your illegalness all the time...haha. =]

    Larissa, let's stop saying we're going to do photoshoots with each other and actually do some!!

  5. Love these... I agree with you... Taking pictures is the best... maybe I will follow in my sisters footsteps ...

  6. @Katie- I KNOW!!!! I'm moving to Cali! See you soon. @Amy-thank you!!! @Jamie- I KNOW. SOON! When are you leaving again? @Andrea-your sister is so talented! And you're so artistic, too, you should!!!