Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today was one of those days that I needed to come home to a jug of wine. Kidding, but seriously. I have a glass of wine + soda + lemon and lime. Yum. So relaxing after a super obnoxious day.

You know what else is relaxing? When you see some pretty flowers poking through the fence.
And then your puppies lay down next to you in the soft, cool grass and give you puppy kisses and high fives and you smell that yummy sprinkler smell that makes you want to drink out of a hose, even though that cannot be sanitary.

I regret naming my dog Snap for the simple fact that that is such an androgynous name. Poor dog. Every conversation concerning her goes something like this:
Human: What kind of dog is that little white one?
Me: SSSSHEEEEEEEEEEEE is a pekingese yorkie mix. *Note the over emphasization (just made that up. yep.) of the pronoun "she."*
Human: Oh! HE'S so cute.

Oh is HE? With that pink bow in HIS hair and his PINK collar and PINK harness and PINK leash? ADORABLE. How are you suppose to handle that situation? Sometimes I pretend Snap is a he, but then I apologize profusely the second the human is out of earshot. Sometimes I don't use any pronoun and just walk away. Sometimes they ask further questions that require use of a pronoun. Such as: "What's his name?" "Snap." I don't speak like that. Instinctively I say: "HER name is Snap." (Or his, if I'm super avoiding awkward situations.)

This makes me worried for my children. Am I going to have the guts to correct people when they guess the wrong sex? Probably because I feel like I will be pretty outspoken. SHUT YOUR FACE THAT IS A GIRL CAN YOU NOT SEE THE PINK BOW AND MOMMY'S LITTLE PRINCESS SHIRT? YOU ARE A DUMB IDIOT. GET YOUR GERMY GERM HANDS AWAY FROM MY CHILD YOU BLIND MORON.

This is where my mind goes after a glass of wine on a Wednesday evening. Have a nice night.

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  1. I wish I could have a glass of wine with you...I think we'd have a little too much fun haha :)
    Dude, I know what you mean about the dog thing. Some people are just plain idiots! I'm sure if it were your own children though you'd be a little more aggressive about correcting them naturally.
    Also, I just thought I'd say your pup is totally cute!!!! And i love the name Snap. I never would have thought of it :)

  2. I think we would have a LOT of fun, katie! let's have a long distance wine date =] hahaha
    my puppy is only cute when she has a beard. let's be honest. she kinda really does look like a man, but that doesn't mean she is one!!! there are bearded ladies! hellooooooo. haha
    Evan came up with her name because get it...Ginger SNAP. Gingersnap? hahahaaaaaaaaa so clever. And because she is so tiny. just a little snap. it's cute. just not girly enough.

  3. I want to try your wine soda drink!! And yeah, I hate when people call Luca HE. Luca is an Italian man's name, so my bad...but I think it's perfectly girly too. Just like snap! I don't correct them either. I'm not sure how I'll be when people guess my baby's sex wrong. Hopefully she looks SO much like a girl that there will be no mistaking it. That happens on occasion. =]

  4. i have a boy pomeranian...and his name is def. a boy name - liam - and everyone calls him a she. even family who know his name is liam and he's a boy still say how cute SHE is, etc. etc. drives me crazy!!

  5. HA. I love this. I run into the same issue with my pup. She is a large, intimidating dog and so people automatically assume she is a he. Despite how many times I correct them. Ahem.

  6. hahhaha you have the cutest puppies ever! I made sure to name my puppy something extremely girly just so i dont have to go through that. Im very defensive so i dont want to go off on anyone lol.

    Lots of love

  7. Oh I totally get this! I named our pup Lily because I was afraid of that happening and then when I put her pic up on FB saying, "Meet Lily!" Someone said, "Oh, HE'S Awesome!" I don't get it.

    Snap is adorable! and yep I think I might have attitude too if someone said that about my future human baby! Gosh people can be so dense!!