Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty Nine

268. Violet, and sharing the things I'm thankful for, here.

269. A job that lets you text. (Aunt Dolly, I found one!!!)

270. Remembering how cute little baby Snap was.

271. When my boss sends me encouraging e-mails about how great I'm doing. I love this job.

272. Weddings.

273. Free photobooths at weddings.
Yes we got in line 3 times. Oh, that picture of Evan's butt? That's because that's what the kid in front of us did. Hilarious. So we copied him. That picture of me by myself? That's me trying to whip my hair. I wasn't on time. In any of those 3 pictures.

274. Project Runway Season 9!!! AH! "Make it work!"

275. Finding a new favorite author, but forcing self control upon myself to not purchase any more of her books until I finish my already started book.

276. That time I complained to Amazon about my book not working, and then they gave me a free credit. I thought it would be $8 since that's how much the book cost. I complained again (1. because I'm good at complaining, 2.) because I didn't see the credit on my account and thought they were ripping me off. So I bought a $9 book. It was free. I bought another book, $5, and it was still free. How much money did Amazon give me? I hope this free book thing never ends!

277. Kitty snuggles. This is how Bob sleeps. I love it.

278. Finishing week one of my new job, and being happy at it. Being happy at a job is really nice. Everyone should try it.

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  1. Lucky you ☺
    Love ya

  2. Loved your feature on Violet's blog. =] And oh my gosh, it's amazing that you get to text at work! I'm glad that you're loving your job. Baby snap was adorable. Your photobooth pictures are part hilarious and mostly adorable. I love them. And omg, Project Runway. When I had cable, that's all I ever did. I've seen all the re-runs hundreds of times.

  3. hihi, I'm a new follower, a new blogger... and also one of your IG followers! i love this post- especially the photobooth pics.. so cute and fun!

  4. The bow in baby Snap's hair is adorable! :)

  5. Is she your puppy? What a cutie! I haven't seen many pics of her over here!
    encouraging emails and comments are the best!
    Love the photobooth pics!
    Yay for free books!

  6. Oh my! I also hope your free books never end!

    I just stumbled across your blog, from, and I love it! Glad to have another good read!

  7. @Jamie- thanks! I had so much fun writing it! I miss cute baby snap! You can watch Project Runway on Seriously. Get on it! (Make it work, I mean.)
    @Stephanie-hihihi back!
    @Brooke- thanks! she refuses to wear it. so sad!
    @Amy- yes! She's my pup. She's older now, not as cute. haha jk
    @Rachel- I love your blog I'm so glad you found mine! =]

  8. omg i loooooove kitten snuggles! what an utterly adorable picture!

  9. I LOVE when weddings have these photobooths.. you guys are cuuuute.

    Also, the sleeping kitty picture?! Killin me!