Sunday, July 31, 2011

Same place, different day

"Take a picture of the same place for 12 months."
Evan and I took our puppies on a walk to my new spot so I could squeeze in my photos (part 2/12) on the very last day of July. I procrastinate. I know. 

"Keep not standing fixed and rooted, briskly venture, briskly roam." Best quote.

We have had no rain since I June. All of MT's snow is melting so we're still flooding, but we're not getting any rain. I would like some rain to cool this place off. Holy hell it was like 105 degrees today. I'm probably exaggerating, but I was walking uphill. Ask poor baby Snap. She laid down in the shade every chance she got. I would also like some rain because MT is turning yellowy brown, not so much green. It's way prettier when it's green, so it should fix itself for August. (Which, btw, is tomorrow!? What? Shut up in here.)

I'm sort of cheating because Evan and I walked this time, around one tiny spot, so I wasn't near any of the places I was last time. Except those telephone/electric poles. It's okay though, it's my project, I'll do what I waaaaant. 

Also, I have no idea who Yellowstone Kelly is, I'm sure I did at one point, when I was in school and smart and junk. I'm sure he did something significant here since I live in YELLOWSTONE County and 2.2 feet from the YELLOWSTONE River. But who knows.

Also, I didn't see any pretty flowers to steal and I have not stolen any flowers in weeks. WEEKS. Not okay. I'm on a mission this week.

2 loves:

  1. i love the "keep not standing" quote. good.

  2. I also have no clue who Yellowstone Kelly is. Infact, I've never even heard of her. haha. Her? At first, I didn't even assume it was a person...haha, I'm horrible. And omg! Isn't today amazing? It's soooo cool out and supposed to FINALLY rain!!

    Let's take our dogs on that freaking walk we always talk about and steal some flowers! My house needs a vase of fresh flowers, I've been thinking about buying myself some for weeks.