Monday, July 18, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty Seven

252. (from evan) Having a spouse that you love so incredibly much. A person that would do anything for you. A person who is going to be right by your side for the rest of forever. (I die when he reads my blog =] )

253. Spending my days quoting: The Office, Family Guy, Neature Walk Episode 1, 2, 3. I pretty much don't even use my own words anymore.

254. Evan's text: "Hey lady! Here we go...bup bup bup...." (please tell me you watched that video from my anniversary post about nature. watch it.)

255. Shopping spreeeee. Five items for under $50. I win.

256. Kicking Evan's butt in Words with Friends. Like hardcore kicking butt. Probs the first time ever. I'm horrid at that game.

257. Saying to my aunt who stepped on a pine cone: "Betty!!! You got tree poop on your tootsies!" Evan and I were the only ones who laughed. Oh yeah, that's because my family hates us.

258. Driving home and seeing my city for the first time through the hills. Such a pretty city and such a good sight to see.

259. Filling my closet with adorable clothes. Hey family, no these jeans don't make me look fat and yes I am a city who wears nice clothes. I'm over your rude comments!!!

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  1. Pretty sure your family doesn't hate you. First of all, you guys were like MIA the entire time. No one had the opportunity to even talk to you. And second, if someone said something about your clothes, then screw them! I wish I could wear cute skinny jeans, but I'm scared of what I would look like in them! Especially since that person is probably not part of our family. Would have loved to talk to you while you were here, but there still seems to be that awkard tension between us. Hope one day we can put all of that aside and get to know each other again. Like back in the days when you liked to bite me!

  2. I love when my hubs reads my blog too. Such sweeties!
    Oh I totally giggled at the tree poop thing! Awesomeness!

  3. Right on Dani.... Larissa, you and Evan ARE LOVED. I thought you were styl'n and looked good. Please..... don't think hate. I know that you are on the shy side and that makes you seem unapproacable in some peoples eyes. You truly express your real self when you are writing which seems easier for you then face to face conversations - Hang in there girl - in the end it's 'family' and we care...I think the tree poop is hilarious but I didn't hear it - but I'm laughing now ☺
    Love ya - Dolly

  4. Dani is right that the family doesn't dislike you and Evan. I agree with her we don't know the 2 of you. Hard to get to know people when they go MIA. As far as the clothes comment....who cares as long as you are happy with yourself.

  5. First: Do not comment on my blog unless you're going to leave your name. I will delete anon comments if you're just going to attack me. This is my space to write and I will not tolerate any rude comments from unknown people.

    Second: Evan and I did not go MIA. We took a 5 minute walk around SH because Evan had never been there and we took a 2 hour nap. We both worked on Friday from 8-5, drove 5 hours, went to bed at 1, and woke up at 6. We were exhausted. We were up before anyone else was and we have been going non stop for the past 3 weeks. We needed a break. Half the family was golfing anyway, I don't think it's a big deal for us to take some alone time while everyone else is drinking beer and talking.

    Third: Thank you, Dolly, for your kind words. I liked my outfits, too. They were rudely commented on by several people, and it doesn't matter if you're "family" or not. Why should I drive 5 hours, give up a weekend of work, to come out to a place where people constantly put me down? You're my family. Don't freaking treat me like that.

    Fourth: Dani, give up the biting thing. I was what? Two? I don't remember it but pretty sure I was punished then. Do you remember when you guys pushed those bales on top of me? Have I ever brought that up 100 times and made you apologize for that? No. So give it up. As an adult I can't do anything about it but control my actions from here on out.

    Fifth: I'm really put out and frustrated and this is my place to vent that all out. You can all do with it what you want. But that's how I feel. And if I feel like half the family acknowledged Evan and I, and half didn't, then that's how I feel. And if I'm upset about that because that's my FAMILY, then that's how I feel.

  6. Family reunions are awkward, and I'm sorry it seems like it was stressful and not uplifted :/ We don't fit in well with my extended family, either.

    Love that you and Evan quote funny TV shows to each other all day :] Chris and I do that too, but with Futurama, Austen Powers, and some other random shows or movies. My brother and I have been doing it for YEARS. We still remember TV-related quotes from when we were like twelve and nine. Love it.

    Post pics of your new pretty clothes! Yay for cheap shopping sprees! They're the best!