Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a little spontaneous

Once upon a time, Evan asked me to go to Harry Potter with him. So we did. At 11:00 am. Have you ever left a movie theater in the daylight? Holy cow. I was blinded by the light. Also, omg, could they have done a worse job make HP look 40?

ANYWAY. Then we took a mini road trip. I was all, "let's go to my land!" And Evan was all, "how far away is it?" Me: "I dunno...an hour maybe?" BAAAAAHA. I kid, Evan, I kid. Appaaarently, it's like 2 hours away to the town, and then another 30-45 minutes to our land. Whoops.

But we made it. We took 6 pictures and turned around and came home. Eventful day.

But I got to spend a day with my love, a random unplanned day, jamming loudly in the car, talking about my unpredictable future, talking about the imaginary cabin we are going to build with our imaginary bank accounts, and just hanging out together. Couldn't have been a more perfect day.

I like you a lot, EPC.

5 loves:

  1. I think you should probably, YES, buy this land. I would come visit. Think about your little babies...being able to run around in this open area...with you watching them of course...we don't want them drowning in that water!

  2. love spontaneous roadtrips!
    they are the best!

  3. Ah, spontaneous roadtrips have my heart. So awesome.
    And GOOD GRIEF!! That view was TOTALLY worth the drive! Breathetaking! You're selling me on attempting a move to Montana (it is, MOntana, right? lol).

    Haha, the hubs and I are found of Sunday afternoon movies, but, yeah, it's totally weird to come out and realize A. it's still light out and B. you still have the entire day ahead of you. Movies at nighttime seems so . . . natural. lol

  4. Move, Sarah, move! And Erin, this is my parents' land!!! Come visit anyway. I want to buy a horse.