Friday, July 8, 2011

flashback friday

This weekend, Evan and I are going to the sweetest little mountain town to celebrate our one year anniversary. Are you jealous that I live one hour away from the mountains? Be.

It's going to be so relaxing. So needed. Just away from everything that has caused us grief these past few weeks and months. Jobs (or lack there of, kinda), family, friends, money, Ethiopia, Sybil's pooping babies.....

Plus we'll be celebrating our one year anniversary which, what the what what by the way? Three six five? I don't think so. More like three sixty five seconds, maybe.

And then, last night, Evan and I drove up to Sonic (up, because it's in the "heights.") and we took our drinks to the Rims and sat there and talked, just like old days.

Like old days when Evan and I first hung out just the two of us. " you wanna go up to the Rims and make out?" (Clearly, that was Evan.) "Um.........okay." (Me.) bahaha (Hi, mom! We didn't make out. Don't freak out.) But we sat up there for hours, just talking. Just getting to know each other. Just laughing.

Or like the old days when we'd take our dogs on walks to Zimmerman. Or go watch the hot air balloons float over the city. Or sit on the edge of the Rims and smoke cigars. (I mean, no we did not. Hi again, mom!)

Or like the old days when Evan asked me to go on a walk with him to Zimmerman and instead of a walk, it was more of a stand. Then he proposed.

I love the Rims. I love fate. I love celebrations. I love Evan.

8 loves:

  1. adorableeeee... happy one year. have fun!

  2. aw, happy anniversary!!! :D and which mountains do you live one hour from, you lucky duck?


  4. I love you guys. Happy happy happy ALMOST anniversary!! <3 and to years and years and yearsssss more of them. <3

  5. Time sure does fly by! I feel like it was like last month we were waking up at the break o' dawn getting ready for YOUR day.

  6. Have a wonderful time! Happy almost anniversary.

  7. Too stinkin cute.