Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty Six

241. Three day weekends. Equals having a job that believes that holidays are meant to be spent with family. Duh.

242. Getting through yet another July third.

243. First fourth as a married couple. Spent with good friends, great pictures, and stand still traffic.

244. Montana skies.

245. Hand written letters.

246. Job offers.

247. Being wanted. It's a nice feeling.

248. Short work weeks that begin and end with vacations.

249. Weekends away with my husband. Laughing uncontrollably and inappropriately.

250. Safe travels. Especially on scary switchbacks and on top of mountains.

251. The first time you see your town when you've been away. Such a beautiful sight to behold.

2 loves:

  1. Love love love! Yay! Happy days for you guys. ♥

    PS: This is Erin. Who just created an account for Logan. So he could follow me, but I can't sign out. Ha!

  2. 252. Having a spouse that you love so incredibly much. A person that would do anything for you. A person who is going to be right by your side for the rest of forever. (This is me referring to you, but you can steal it if you feel so inclined.)