Wednesday, July 6, 2011

secret secrets

Today was one of the craziest days I've had in a long time. And crazy in a good way. If that's possible.

I rode in the coolest elevator I've ever seen. These things are probably all over the world, but Montana is just catching on. Basically, on a computer screen you pick your floor and then it tells you which elevator to get in to. Then, when you get in, it automatically takes you to the floor you chose. So don't get on the wrong elevator! Also, I stared at the screen and slash wall for like 5 minutes trying to figure it out (yeah, we don't have electricity and we ride horses to work. computers are so gosh dang confusin'!) and this lady just watched me be an idiot.

I was fascinated. Two-years-old.

But why was I in an elevator? Interview.

Lots and lots and lots of good things are happening around here. I'll share soon...don't want to curse my life.

Till then, here are some pretty flowers.

And a bird.

Love my life. =]

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  1. I've never seen an elevator like that, and I live in Southern California, where everything happens first! Haha I don't want you to jinx your life either, but I want to know so so badly what's going on :) Can't wait to hear!

  2. Montana has something before SoCal?! What the what what? And soon! Promise =]

  3. Ooooo never seen an elevator like that! Awesome! Then again, I work in buildings that haven't had a facelift if since the 1960s so . . . you know, I'm in a bubble.

    No life-jinxing!!! So excited for you! Can't wait to get an update once you're jinx-free! Whoot!

    Love the pictures. Pansies and Daisies are such happy flowers, and I love the blue and silhouettes in the bird pic. :]

  4. When I saw the title of this post, I thought for sure you were going to be announcing that you were pregnant. I only thought this because almost all my girlfriends announced to the world in the last 3 weeks that they are, naturally, I thought you were jumping on that wagon and leaving me out too!!
    But congrats on the interview...hope you kicked butt! See you in about a week :)

  5. I've never ever seen an elevator like that before. I am intrigued. And wondering what your little secret it. :) I hope it is fantastic!

  6. I am so proud of Montana right now. All you hip states got something to learn! hahaha

    Also hint: not pregnant. See you soon Dani!

  7. I'm SOOOO excited for you!! I promise I will reply to your message. <3

    Where the heck is this awesome elevator? I need to check it out stat.

  8. definitely never heard of an elevator like that before! In fact where I work they are so old and rickity. I even got stuck in one for 45 minutes one day. I literally freaked out!
    I think I need those elevators!

  9. @Jamie. First Interstate. The blue building. It's so intense. You can come visit a week. Probs.

    @Amy. I hate hate hate elevators. And I think this one will be okay. But if I get stuck, someone will pay. This building is 18 floors high. I better not be in a windowless CELL for any longer than like 30 seconds.

  10. Are you jumping on the First Interstate Bwagon? Hope so.

    We will be the Triumpherant Trifecta