Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty One

198. Watching Space Jam with my family because we are the coolest.

199. Watching my brother become a high school graduate.

200. When I bravely open up to Evan about my feelings (ew, feelings) and he says to me, "Going up and talking to people doesn't make you a leader. That makes you outgoing. Going to Africa and doing what you do is what leaders do. You're a leader." There are just some things that you just need to hear.

201. Chatting with husbands, mother-in-laws, and pastor's wives after church and laughing uncontrollably about the Event OF THE Century!

202. Draining the life out of my Kindle. Equals I have been reading A LOT.

203. My last supper before surgery and really going out with a bang. Because I can.

204. Pinterest. BEST site ever. Let me know if you need an invite!

205. Chatting with my brother about roofing, high school, loser teachers, loser friends, loser classmates, parents, college, girlfriends, and life for over two hours. Even with my crappy voice. I am going to miss that kid next year.

206. My dad planting my garden. I am going to have fresh tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and zucchinis in no time. (PS. Going on a raw diet in 3 weeks, this could not be a more perfect timing.)


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  1. Let me know how the raw diet goes! I'm currently on a beer/sushi/burrito diet, but it might be time to mix it up...

  2. Oh Nikki. hahaha I envy your diet! Minus beer. I'm more of a vodka lemonade girl, myself. haha I read about it on another blog and you can lose 2-4 dress sizes like THAT just from raw food. So I'm doin it! I'll make sure to post about it, because I might fail because I kind of suck at things. haha

  3. Looove it!!!

    New lovely post on my blog: Vacation finally came!!!

    Kisses from pepa:X