Monday, June 6, 2011

a few saturday randoms

I was a big girl on Saturday and spent my evening at the wedding of my friends Andrea and Dave. It was at our zoo and it was so gorgeous. (Secret: first wedding I've been to since my own. Weird.) The weather was perfect after being nasty all week, and everything turned out very nice. Saturday was the first day after surgery that I actually was able to get out of the house and spend time with friends and feel good, pain-wise. I was pretty tired the next day but I think getting out and making myself move around is definitely helping the healing process.

Pretty flowers at the zoo.
Emily and I. Ignore how it's blurry.
Me and my cuppycake. Which I'm sure was delish but my stupid medicine diluted its flavor.

Dandilion. And my pretty yellow nails.

Love my inlaws.

The happy couple. =] Congrats, you two!

This picture cracks me up. Ev and Cody were calling the peacock with mating calls.
I love Andrea's face. The bouquet totally was demolished by whoever caught it.

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  1. So cute! As much as I like looking at all the professional wedding shoots all over blogs, I kind of prefer looking at the more candid snaps- such precious smiles on the bride and groom!

  2. Ok, all these pictures: awesome.
    The Dandelion is my favorite: I could totally see that as a big print to hang on the wall. And just think it matches my color schemes. Oh the thoughts . . . ;]

    I hope you're feeling better! Looks like a fun wedding!!!

  3. What a fun wedding! I've never thought about a wedding at a zoo before, but it sounds neat!

  4. Thanks everyone =]
    @sarah-Feel free to use it if you want =] I never thought about printing it big, but now that you mention it, I kind of like that idea =]
    @Amy-our zoo does a ton of weddings. They have a "sensory garden" with a water fall and a ton of plants where they set it up. It's gorgeous. And then there are a few open fields where the receptions are usually held. It's pretty unique and fun. Except you can't go creep on the animals. They don't let you! =[