Monday, June 6, 2011


Montana may or not be having some tornadoes. I wouldn't know because I'm more concerned with my computer battery staying alive long enough for me to blog rather than for it to stay alive to listen to idiots call in to the radio to tell me the sky is black. (Have you noticed how stupid people get when a storm happens? My gosh.) I was rudely awoken from slumber by Evan who was pretty sure a tornado was forming outside our house (it wasn't) and then ushered into the basement where I'm currently residing in a tiny room with two dogs, a man, and seven kitties. Don't worry, I brought our water pitcher and my medicine so we are set if the world caves in around us.

I didn't get the picture I wanted because Evan was all paranoid I was going to get swept away. I wasn't because there was no wind, no sound, nothing exciting happening outside besides the dark clouds swirling around above us. There was no hail and no rain at our house, so our paranoid downstairs neighb ran away (straight into where the storm was heading) for no reason at all.

At least we're safe, and that's what matters. Now I'm going to go back to reading until I fall asleep (my new favorite book courtesy of Kaleena, seriously I'm obsessed.)

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  1. Montana skies are my favorite!


    They used to lock us in the basement at my university in Mississippi. Well not like THAT. For tornado warnings. It always made me mad, too, because I wanted to SEE it. And we also didn't have fun things like pups and kitties with us.

    So glad you guys are safe, though.:]

    And yes, people do get stupid when the weather is bad. Ug. People. What can you do with them?

  3. Um, those are amazing pictures BUT so scary!! I'm so glad you guys are safe!! I wish these storms would just stop so none else will have to worry or be hurt in them :(