Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kittens with eyeballs.

Baby kittens are much cuter with eyeballs opened, let me just say that. They started opening their eyes yesterday but they're still blind. (I checked by coming at them really fast and they didn't budge. I'll be a good mom. I can tell.)

One eyed Willie. hahaha

My favorite little face. Note Sybil swooping in to make sure I wasn't harming the screaming baby.

And then she tried to carry said screaming baby back to the nest but she doesn't quite have that part down yet. So instead she clamped her jaws, fangs and all, around it's poor wobbly neck and would have probably killed her if it weren't for me. 
These kittens are still at their boring stages. They can't move very well, they can't see, they can't hear. So, yeah. Fast forward to next week where they become little roaming monsters. Can't wait! We're all gonna cuddle up and be sick in bed. It's going to be great.

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  1. Awe, I love the little black one! Can't wait to see how they grow up :)

  2. The black ones are my very favorite. I cannot tell them apart yet except for now one has both eyes open and the other just has one. It's pretty much like having twins. I'll have to put a barrette in one of their hairs just to know who is who.

  3. Haha I love the way you checked to see if they were still blind :p
    These kitties are way cuteeeee

  4. You make me smile! Love the blindness check. Too funny.
    And the kittens. The cuteness is killing. In the good way. Death by cuteness is the way to go, I tell ya. :]

  5. Oh my gosh! I want one! If one comes up missing, I'll just say that I most likely took it. They are so cute!

  6. Out of the people I know who want one, I would much rather give them to all you, my blog friends, because you guys are a million times cooler.

    And Sarah, death by cuteness is totally okay by me. It doesn't sound half bad =]

  7. Wait whaaaaaat??? KITTENSSSSSS!! Oh my goshhhhuh. They are so cute and tiny! I want!! But I don't really want, cuz my bigfatcat wouldn't be happy about a new friend.
    And you know, we both married an Evan. Lucky us!!

  8. yay babies! they're almost to the ULTRA cute stage!

    i'm kinda wishing i hadn't spayed my cat so i could get her knocked up and have kitties! i'm having kitten envy hardcore.

  9. @Megan-Evan is the best name a boy can have =] ahaha jk, but seriously Husbands named Evan are pretty ok in my book.
    @Taryn-they are almost crawling around out of their box and I cannot wait for them to be able to see and hear and get into everything! Can you undo the spaying process of an animal like you can a human? haha jk. kinda.

  10. oh my goodness, my cat just had kittens, too! she had five of them and they are about 5 weeks now. they are super cute!