Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation Photo Dump

All this rain made my irises start to bloom.
A little frozen yogurt date with my love.
Graduation breakfast, Nick was stoked.

The family (sans Evan, he was photographer) at grad breakfast.

Lovelovelove this picture. Sums us up perfectly.

And this one, too.

Evan was super proud of his outfit, and yes he looked gooooood.

My new dress and my mom's vintage belt I stole out of her closet. Thanks, mom!

AHHH last moment as a high school senior!

And graduated!!!

The hat toss. Also if you look closely you can see green latex gloves, a tribute to their Euro teacher. Now everyone thinks Central is even more weird. It's okay.

Love my brother!

He loved his outfit.

And that was our Sunday. We had a (greasy) graduation breakfast, we took a nap, we went to a friend's grad party, and we watched my baby brother enter the real world......of college. It was a great day and I don't think I've ever been that exhausted in my whole life. Poor Evan who had to put up with my toddler self all day long.

PS. Blogger is being a real tool right now, agree? I couldn't even comment on my own blog for the past three days. I wasn't ignoring all my lovely comments, I just couldn't respond! I changed the way comments work and it seemed to fix the problem. BUT there are still a ton of blogs that have the same problem, but somehow blogger lets other people comment, just not me. Frustrating! I know a ton of people are having similar problems so let's all revolt and send blogger nasty messages!

PPS. Tonsils come out in TWO days!

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  1. Congrats to your brother! It's so weird seeing your little siblings grow up. They aren't supposed to :)

    Seriously, I've been wondering whats up with blogger. It seems like less people are updating blogs, commenting, all that stuff. I'm annoyed, for sure.

    Be brave with your tonsils! My bff got hers taken out this summer...took her a good two weeks to recover, but at least she got lots of ice cream

  2. Thanks, Katie! It is definitely very different seeing him not as a highschooler anymore. He still seems so young to me, but I know he isn't.

    And I have been blogging for almost a year and I have never ever ever seen this many problems in such a short span of time. It's so irritating.

    And I am not looking forward to this stupid surgery. They told me three weeks recovery, but I'm a tough cookie so I'm shooting for two! =]

  3. Yay! I'm thinking about changing to this pop out comment box too. On the other type of comments (like the one I use and the one you used) I've been commenting as a name and URL (it's one of the options). But I want to comment as my little picture. Screw you, Blogger!! Growl. Anyway, you're having the exact same problem as me now.

    Yay for little Nick being all grown up! Your outfit was adorable. Also, I cannot believe your tonsils are out in two days! Karaoke tomorrow night. You better be there and soak it all in, before ten to fourteen days of miseryyyy!

  4. yey. congrats to your bro. Time flies by so fast doesn't it. Whenever I have my little bro around he really gets annoyed with me because I still pinch his cheeks and just mess with him every now and then and now he is bigger and much taller than me. I guess somethings just never change. I love the pictures by the way. Oh and so true about blogger problems. I blogged about it too. =)

  5. oh my GOODNESS that frozen yogurt picture hurt me it looks so good.