Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buh bye loser tonsils.

What's up, just got my tonsils out. I'm a hardxcore blogger. SRSLY.

No really. My maid husband is cooking me some lunch since I have not eaten in 15+ hours and I was watching TV pre-op and every. single. channel either had food commercials or food being made. I. was. ticked.

So now I'm going to stuff my face with watermelon and mashed potatoes. And then sleep.

Also, my doctor was a titch rude before, like when I saw him at my appointment and then again this morning. Rude as in, "you just want these out to get the pain meds." Yeah because I loveeee pain that much. I do love money, I should sell them. JUST KIDDING, MOM. And then after surgery when he was telling Evan how it went he said, "they didn't look bad till I got in there. Then I found out they were major infected."

I. told. you.

My throat has not been sickity sick once a month for 12+ months just for fun I don't think.

And now, no more sickies, no more dairy (kill me now. I'm in love with all things dairy, turns out.), and just relaxation and naps and books and cuddles and popcycles for three whole weeks. (I have nooooo idea how to spell that freaking word. Every time I text it to Jamie I bet she just shakes her head at how dumb I am.)

Moving on. Nothing exciting will happen in my life after Saturday (when I'm going to a wedding. Two days post op. Dedication. I am dedicated.) so don't expect much. Except maybe expect a guest post from Jamie because we're the best. =]

Have a wonderfulwonderful weekend everyone, and make sure you all write a trillion blogs so I can live vicariously through you. Please and thank you.

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  1. Haha, you're awesome.

    And yeah, it's Popsicle. hahaha

    I can't wait to come visit you and bring you some! Also, I better brainstorm some ideas for this guest post. We are so hardcore.

  2. Ok, when I type "popcycle," popsicle does not appear in the dictionary. Also, it's currently telling me it's wrong, so whatever blogger, I still hate you.

  3. No more dairy?? Oh no... is that a permanent thing? I would die. It's kind of funny because you sound normal over the internet but I'm sure you feel horrible in person! Feel better girl! I'll have a good weekend for you

  4. AW! My best friend got her tonsils out last year and she didn't get out of bed for the first few days-she was out cold, so the fact that your blogging is AMAZING!!! feel better and eat lots of delicious popsicles. Oh and I plan on checking those Toms out-they sound awesome!

  5. @Katie- No more dairy for 3 weeks. Not a lifetime, thank God! However I cheated and put butter and milk in my mashed potatoes and I think that was a mistake.
    @Megan-Thank you!!! I have eaten approx 5 already and I'll be on my sixth one once Evan comes back in to check on me. hahaha

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Ug, tonsils . . . :[

    Oh, and P.S. You don't want to live vicariously through me, right now. My summer job is auditing 401(k) forms and archiving old business newsletters from a company that specializes in celery. The excitement . . . it's killing me . . . or maybe it's something else . . . hmmmm . . .

    Feel better!!! :}

  7. Oh Sarah you kill me. I actually want to hear all about that because it sounds fascinating. No really, it does. I love celery so do you get free celery all day long? That would be the best.

  8. I almost had to get mine out when I was younger because they kept getting infected. hope you heal quickly!

  9. @Eva-you're lucky you didn't have to! I hope you got less sick as you got older. I got more sick and apparently getting your tonsils out past age like 13 sucks.

  10. I can't believe the doctor was that rude about. What a jerk. UGH!!

  11. @Danielle-He didn't actually say that, haha, but his tone and his words were not very nice. I have my tragus pierced and he was like "Let me look in your ears. Oh, I can't even see in there. How do you hear?" He was just an ass but I showed him with my infection! So ha!!!