Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Twenty Three

My birthday was Monday. I took some pictures, then life happened. So I'm just sitting at a coffee shop, enjoying my alone time this morning, and blogging and journaling. Today, right now, my life is good.

My mom used to have tulips. Then she dug most of them up so I didn't get my tulip picture this year. Spot still counts.

And the only tulips she has are not blooming. But my pups are cute!

My parent's cat. He's obnoxious but I like this picture. Also, credit: Evan.

Then we folfed. And by we, I mean Evan. I look like a tard so I do not folf.

It's spring!

I did still get my birthday tulip picture, thanks to my amazing momma! <3

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  1. well in that case, happy 23rd!! sorry i wasn't around just yet to wish you hb on monday but we can make up for lost time, yes? :)

  2. happy 23rd birthday! I hope it was amazing :) your birthday tulips are pretty

  3. Happy Birthday! 23 was very good to me, Hope it is for you too!

  4. Thanks girls! I am so very excited for this year in my life. I finally feel like an adult! hahaha

  5. The tulips are BEAUTIFUL :) Happy happy birthday! I love your blog :) xoxo

  6. I love that you go back to your tulip spot every year. <3

  7. 1)happy birthday 2) just found your blog and i love it, thus follow 3) i too am 22- will be 23 soon, and married in 2010 4) i too have a freakish pull on my heart for the people of ethiopia (When i was in high school it was africa, in college i learned the country i was called to love) 5) if we lived next door to eac hother i am pretty sure we would be besties. hope that doesn't creep you out ;) have a good day!

  8. Happy happy twenty-third! Here's to another great year!
    And yay for pretty tulips! XD

  9. Oh and thanks so much for the comment!
    That's so fun that your cat is having kittens! Please post pictures! I've always wanted to have a cat with kittens, but we really didn't have that option with adopting shelter kittens (snip snip pretty quick). I'm a crazy cat lady in the making ;]
    Best of luck!

  10. I too look like a tard when I folf. That is all :)

  11. Ashley, me, too. Let's never go folfing together or people will think we're special. hahah jk.

    I like to go and take pictures and make fun of others. Because I'm nice.