Thursday, May 5, 2011


So you know how Evan and I like Africa, or whatever? (ahhhaha jk) Once upon a long time ago, we decided we were going to get tattoos of Africa. I got mine the summer of 2009, pretty much on a whim. One day I was like, "Tomorrow, I'm gettin a tattoo." (Think, hillbilly accent because that's pretty much how I talk in my mind/blog. JK.) And then I did. Evan has been wanting his since then, but just got around to getting it. Last week I was going to surprise him with an appointment but I didn't want to presume his schedule and junk and I'm horrid, absolutely horrid at and with surprises. So I didn't. And Evan made the appointment on his own, without me even suggesting it. Are we soul mates, or what? Tattoo soul mates at the very least.

Anyway, Evan got his done today and it is amazing. Kind of puts mine to shame. But they're both perfect, they're both us, and they're both great conversation starters when you don't have a male nurse who likes to only talk about himself. Ahem.

First, these were taken at night when there is a solitary light bulb hanging from my ceiling (not really. we're a bit classier.) and there is no other light. Hence darkness, hence crappy shooting conditions. Even I, the n00b photographer knows this. I did not take any pictures of Evan being tattoo because Jamie told me it's tattoo courtesy to ask first. Is this true? I've never taken a picture and I have four tattoos so I don't know anything I guess. Thanks a lot, four years of undergrad. Anyway, I got all paranoid and didn't want to ask because I don't get told no. So if I might get told no, I avoid the situation at all costs. Bam. However, I plan on doing a photo shoot of our tattoos when his leg hair grows back and he becomes a man again. And when it's healed....but that's less important than having leg hair as a man.

photo credit: tawni bannister.
And that is the very only picture I have of my tattoo. It's not a bad picture because I really like it, in fact. It was part of our engagements. But it's not a good picture of my tattoo. So I need another. Also, my tattoo is in brown ink because I didn't want blank because I'm craycray and I wanted it to fade cool. Not fade the way black fades because that's a personal preference and I have no problems whatsoever with how black fades because I do have other black tattoos.

Watching Evan makes me want to get more tattoos so bad. I just got my nose re-pierced for my birthday, so I think I've had my fill of needles for a few weeks. (I'm terrified of pain. But I'm addicted. So is everyone, welcome to the club, larissa.)

And so that's that. I had an amazing day today. First with Jamie, then with the in-laws for a combined birthday dinner where I did get freeeee creme brule (happy. camper.) and then with a few of Evan's friends for a beer. And now I'm going to spend some quality time with my newly tattooed husband. Goodnight, world!

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  1. WOOOOOOOOT!!!! Tattoos are the shizynizzy. Another word that I am going to coin. You're welcome.

  2. I really like his tattoo. A lot of times guys get something really stupid in that spot, but his is awesome. And I love that it has a story. That makes it even better.

  3. His tattoo is awesome! It's so cute that you guys have the same-ish tattoo. I want to see all of your tattoos...*hint(post)hint* I have three of them myself, and I'm just starting to get the tattoo itch for another! Gahh! So addicting

  4. Thanks Colby and Katie (not Evan, you're a nerdball. Coined that one, how bout?)!!! I don't think just guys get something stupid there. I used to work with a girl who had some tribal thing from a CD of a band she used to like and it was all around dumb. (Not that I should say that because it's your body, you do what you want. Nevermind my opinion. BUT, that was my opinion of the thing.)

    Also, perhaps Katie, perhaps! I always have the itch but I'm reaaaally trying to fall in love love love deep love with the idea before I get it permanently inked on my body. So another tattoo won't happen for a while, but there will be more. And I will do a post, soon! =]

  5. Love the tattoo! Even better when they mean something. I have 2, one means something, and one was because I turned 18 and I could! I want another one, badly! I have dreamt of many things I could ink on my body and where, but I am waiting until I have a family so I can turn the idea into something about my children. No more "just because I can" tattoos! Love 'em! :)

  6. @Dani- I remember the stars on your foot and I think I've seen pictures of a cross? On fb? I have a creepily good memory so don't mind me. hahaha I'm peeeeved that Angelina Jolie stole the idea of tattooing her children's Latitude and Longitude markers of where they were born because that is awesome.

  7. Love your tat! I want to see pictures of more :]

    When I studied in London, I wanted to get a three leaf clover below my neck (I had wanted one since I was a senior in hs, and loved the clover because, according to tradition, St. Patty used it to illustrate the Trinity :] ) to physically commemorate a dream come true. I was in the tattoo parlor with friends and was sooooo close to sitting in that chair . . .
    and then remembered my parents said they wouldn't pay my tuition if I put any ink on my body or any more holes in my ears. Epic. Fail. LOL ;]
    Now that I'm just in the states, my clover just seems pointless. Sad day.

  8. Dude, Larissa! You have really hairy calves. ;)

  9. @Sarah-At least you remembered before it was too late! But still. I love all my tattoos, maybe you could work it into something else that is meaningful to you.

    @Jessica-I know. I didn't shave all winter.