Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Funday.

Yesterday was such a fun, fun day.

Evan and I slept in and sat around until it was time to get ready.

I got all dolled up and put on my Green Bay jersey just to make him mad. Which it did. I win!

But then I took it off because I am a girl and I feel like it's weird to wear a jersey sometimes. Especially when you like the rivals of your husband.

We went to our favorite sports bar, Hooligans, and ate a delish pizza, drank beer, and were totally surrounded by Bears fans. Once again, glad I didn't wear my jersey. Would have been shot.

My 8th grade homeroom teacher bought us beers, that was fun.

Then the Pack won! So Evan was craaaaaabby.

We did get in one cute picture before he turned into a toddler, though.

Actually two cute pictures. Because he didn't do what I told him to do the first time. Also please disregard the grease spots on my jersey. The only reason I even own a jersey is because I had to for a serving job I once had. Yes, I was forced to spend $60 on an article of clothing I can't even wear in public because I am the only person on the face of the planet besides Brett Favre who likes Brett Favre.

I also really, really wanted the Jets to win because then it would be the battle of the Favre's old teams, but they didn't. And I hateee the Steelers. But whatever. All that matters is that my team beat Evan's team, and now he owes me a nice dinner.


I'll be back later with day four of "Celebrate your beauty."

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