Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week two.

18. Double dates with our dear, dear friends. And going to TWO movies in ONE week. Hurray for Larissa, bein a big girl!  (Not thankful for spilling that illegal soda all over my purse, book, journal, and wallet. Lame.)

19. Saturday pot lucks at work. Snacking on yummy food all day? I'm down.

20. Speaking of yummy food, at Saturday's pot luck, my coworker brought artichoke jalepeno dip from Albertson's and oh. my. gosh. Pretty sure it has crack in it because I ate the entire thing. It is SO good. I want to have a party so I can introduce all my friends to it.

21. Remembering the rules to "four on the couch." Who wants to play?!

22. Power naps with the hubs before late night movie dates. =] Unfortunately now I'm wide awake and will be for like three more hours. Which means I'll be reading. Double thanks!

23. Memoirs. And how my Kindle lets me preview 1584085963534 before I buy them.

24. Evan packing my lunch before school. And by school I mean work. He's so great.

25. Having a 100-percent-good day at work. Seriously. After all the ups and downs I go through with my jobs, it's so nice to come home haphaphappy.

26. Getting a 40 dollar tip from a bride!

27. Finding a table for my sewing machine! And restyling it to match "us."

28. Eating dinner with the in-laws.

29. Spending an evening in with Evan and nerding it up.

30. Making friends at work. Seriously, I am so comfortable there now it's amazing. It's still difficult and a challenge but the people I work with are awesome. And, I love the new girls. All of them. What a difference being nice to people makes! Seriously. I should have done that sooner in life. Anyway, they're all amazing. They make work enjoyable.

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