Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Three.

31. Having dinner (and wine =]) on the table for Evan when he gets home so we can act like a family and not roommates with the whole "cooking" sitch.

32. "Love in the Present Tense." So good.

33. Cute children at my job. This one totally clung to my side for the hour that her sister tried on dresses. And I snuck her into a dressing room with a pretty little dress and she strutted her stuff around the store for a good 30 minutes in that thing. She was the cutest and made the fact that I had to stay like an hour past my shift end, a little better.

34. Engagements. Duh, I work in weddings. But when people I know get engaged, it brings me back to when I did. (That totally made me sound like I am 95. Yikes.)

35. Bjorg. My favorite Norwegian bff at work. And joking with her about how she's an illegal alien, teaching her to count to three in Amharic and learning in Norwegian, showing her my Ethiopian pictures and my ice skating videos, her telling me I look like I'm going to the beach in my cute little dress, and her calling me a snake because I have tattoos. I adore her.

36. Wearing a dress to work. (Minus the fact that these tights fell down all day and I had to sneak off and pull them up every 3 minutes.) But it was still cute.

37. Finally talking to a nice person at Qwest who basically told me everyone who works there is an idiot and he would fix all my problems. Thanks, Luis!

38. Getting my wedding ring back from the jewelers; newly replated and saudered.

39. The sweetest texts from Evan. "We are biased. We hate ourselves. There are few people who truly love themselves so much to call themselves perfect. That is why we have each other. You are beautiful." Evan, I adore you.

40. Finishing two books in January. Two down, forty eight to go.

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  1. Hey. I adore you back.

  2. Hey Larissa! So glad you got the hunger games. That makes 3 minus 48! (when you read the whole series)

    So glad you are liking it so far!

    What a sweet list! Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  3. It is SO good! And I'm so excited that the next two are avalib for purchase right now! I hate waiting for next seasons/series to come out. Except I checked that this morning and kind of read what happens and I was like OH CRAP! But I'm pretending I don't know. It's still amazinggggg!

  4. I am so totally behind on your wickedly good idea of "week of thanks." I'm a bad person.
    But I lurrrrve reading the things you are thankful for. Especially the ones about love :)

  5. hahaha it's okay =]

    I keep waiting for yours because I love knowing what other people find joy in but it's okay. Do it soon!!!! hahaha