Sunday, January 2, 2011

The best of 2010

Every year seems to go by a little quicker than the last. I swear time used to take forever as a kid. The time between my birthday in May and Christmas in December was probably about 22 years.

But now suddenly I'm grown up and a college graduate and married and traveling the world and thinking about babies and buying a house and moving out of Billings and changing the world.

So here's my favorite parts of 2010, one of my favorite years so far =]

I turned 22 with a tiny group of friends at a random Karaoke bar and don't mind that terrible picture of me.

Evan and I rented our first house! 

And we painted it and decorated it. But these pictures are before I put anything on the walls.

Jamie and I folded paper cranes for my wedding. Count: Jamie-10912409, Larissa-2.

I got married! =] (Not to Allie...)

I couldn't stop shaking to take a picture with my dad.
We went to Disney World.

I am indeed wearing pants...

And Evan got really mad about our 10 dollar margaritas. But it was our honeymoon so it was legit.

We creatively retook our wedding pictures with my mom.

And they are SO good. =]]

We went to London and saw Big Ben.

We went to London and saw the Palace. But not the queen. Or the guards.

We went back to Ethiopia and saw our babies.

And loved our babies.

And made our babies laugh.

And let them steal our cameras and be funny.

And got really really dirty and took cute pictures.

Took cute pictures with our favorite people.
We went to Kenya, and didn't shower for 30 days.

Kenya has cool trees and cool animals and that's it.

We saw giraffes and fed them...

We saw elephants and watched them be adorable.

We had our first married Christmas and our first Christmas tree.

I told you 2010 was a great year. I cannot wait for all the surprises 2011 has in store for us. Hopefully more trips to Ethiopia and not Kenya, hopefully more travels in the US, and more memories together. Because I love my husband.

And now I'm going to go ice skating at the park, and make the first best memory of 2011. Happy New Year!!!


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  1. You had an eventful 2010! I hope 2011 is just as magical :)