Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap

This was our very first Christmas as a married couple. It was such a good Christmas, I can't even begin to put into words how wonderful it was.

Evan and I opened our stockings on Christmas Eve, which I have never done before. All presents were opened on Christmas Day my entire life. But, I like changing things up. =]

My parents are the earliest risers in the history of all civilizations, so they wanted us to be at their house by like 9am. Nice try, mom and dad. Evan and I crawled out of bed at like 9:30, opened presents together, and slowly got ready to go to my parent's. Evan got me the best presents ever, and he totally fooled me like 16 times. He got me a SEWING machine!!!! Yeah, oh em gee!!! I told him I wanted one before Thanksgiving, thinking we could maybe find one on Black Friday, but we decided against going out in that madness so we didn't get one. And I had no idea that I'd be getting one for Christmas.

I opened my first gift, which was a sewing kit, with a bunch of thread and pins and needles and junk and he told me, "So you don't have to buy a ton of thread anymore." Because I do. I buy new thread every time I make a new project. And I honestly didn't think that the last present was going to be a sewing machine. He had done such a great job convincing me that he had thrown a bunch of little things in the box that I believed him.

And I was ecstatic to get it. Now I just need a cute little table for it to live on. My first project is going to be to make Evan some cloth doors for his closet like I made for mine. (Read about that here)

Anyway, after our morning together, we drove to my parents house, had an amazing breakfast of sausage and eggs, no runny yoke, and opened presents. They even got our babies tons of stuff, too! Sybil was loving her catnip and Snap and Ginger didn't move for like 3 hours while they devoured their bones.

Everyone in our families are so, so generous. We got tons of amazing things. Dinner giftcards, scrapbooking giftcards, Kindle giftcards, and tickets to a play! Evan got plenty of UM and Bears gear, and we got lots of cooking goodies.

I was exhausted and I passed out at like 6:00 for a good three hours in front of the fireplace while the boys watched football. And I still fell sound asleep at home after that power nap.

It was such a fun Christmas. I can't wait for the next one.

And I'm already planning out gifts for next year because I am going to get my shopping done so early. New Years Resolution #1.


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  1. I love your style of writing - a bit of sarcasam touched with humor. It's like you paint a picture of yourself with words - not paint. And the picture is pretty and interesting. It is an awesome read, especially your Etiopia section.
    Love you Girl..... Dolly

  2. Aw, sounds like a very lovely Christmas :)

  3. Thanks, Aunt Dolly, love you too!