Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week of Thanks, week one.

I want to be more thankful this year. I want to appreciate the little things, and keep track of everything that makes me happy to wake up as me. So I'm starting my own thang. And I'm calling it "week of thanks." So I'll post my thankfullnesses every Sunday, join if you want =]  My goal is 365. I'm a week behind so my life better be extra great to make up for my sicky sick week.

1. Cuddling in bed, singing the most beautiful songs with Evan before we go to sleep. Especially how cute it is when he doesn't know the song so he makes up the words (and gets them wrong hahhaha).

2. Waking up and feeling almost 100% better (thanks to Ev and his amazingness bringing me a real burger after work on Sunday =]) and not feeling like I'm going to puke and pass out all at the same time. =]]]] Yay!!!

3. Losing my favorite earring by accidentally hitting my ear and feeling it fly out into the abyss of the carpet. But then finding it by accidentally stepping on it 30 seconds later after I canvassed the entire area on my hands and knees and believing it was gone forever. This is literally my favorite earring, okay, people?

4. Talking to a customer today (January 10) and telling her that I am going back to school in the fall, blahblahblah, this stupid thing that I've rehearsed a million times but don't really mean because all of the sudden I didn't want to do it, but saying it today (January 10) and meaning it. Feeling it. Really, honest-to-God wanting to go back to grad school. That felt.....good. =]

5. Evan giving the best back massages in the whole world.

6. Evan waking me up because he's laughing in his dream. Not a better way to wake up =]

7. Date nights with the hubs.

8. Forgiveness.

9. Grocery shopping with Evan who keeps me on track for our diet. He's the best =]

10. My mother's encouraging texts.

11. Friends! And not solely the ones pictured here. But especially these ones, because these are my bests.

12. Celebrating a wonderful six month wedding anniversary with my husband. It's already been half a year? No. Way.

13. Exhaustion. Is that a weird thing to be thankful for? Probably. But I'm thankful that my body gives me enough energy to get through my hectic day, and then tells me when it's time for bed.

14. Getting my first paycheck with commission! Even if it was only $17.50. (The commission, not the paycheck. Holy cow that would suck.)

15. Evan. He's so adorable. Tonight, after having a bad day at work, he made me come visit him at his job, he bought me dinner (which is not really true because it's my money, too) and he leaned over the bar and kissed me. Even though he could get in soooo much troub-a-dub-dub for that. But he's so sweet. I adore him.

16. Game nights with Evan's friends. I love his friends. Seriously toned my chubby face from laughing so hard at the things coming out of their mouths. And Cam's terrible sentence structure. (And I had a Dirty Shirley so the night was good =] )

17. My new Kindle. And how it turns on the first time I tell it to. And it doesn't freeze when I do junk on it. So stinkin excited to buy some bookies!!!

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  1. I love this idea & will be joining in with you as well!

    Let me just get the specifications down:
    1. We're posting every Sunday.
    2. Do we have a min number of things we're thankful for that we have to list? Like this time you had 17...will you always have that number or just however many you come up with?
    3. I'll use the same wording that you have on the banner "Be Happy, Love Life, Week of Thanks". &&&& each time that I blog as a part of your series I'll link to you in my posty-post :)

    This is so fun! I'm excited!

  2. YAAAY! I was hoping someone would join me!!

    1. Every Sunday is when I am doing it, I don't care when you do =] Feel free to whenever you can get to your internet!
    2. I just want to get at least 365, so I tried to do at least 14 so I would have a head start.
    3. Awesome! I made it on Picnik and found the picture onnnn...we heart it? Maybe? Or I can't remember. Feel free to make your own, too!

    Oh man! I'm so excited!