Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tonight I...

I ended up getting off work an hour after I was suppose to because I was so. insanely. busy. Which was good. But anyway, my feet have decided they hate me, and my knees are black and blue and have carpet burn from crawling on the ground straightening dresses. Who knew? Also, I somehow pulled the muscle in my left thigh and I pulled my neck muscle while taking off my shirt tonight. I am falling apart at the ripe old age of twenty two. Lucky me.

But enough complaining.

I saw this amazing creation on a blog a while ago and completely forgot to bookmark it (which means, if you know the blog, let me know so I can give proper credit.) And I fell in love and had to make it for myself. But since I lost the blog I kind of had to make it up but I think it turned out great.

I am so excited for Christmas and putting up Christmas decs so this is just the beginning of hopefully tons of fun Christmas diy's.

So this is just a preview of what I made. I took many pictures before, during, and after buuuuut I can't find my camera cord and I have a feeling one of my dogs ate it. Just kidding, but probably. So I will search tomorrow and try and find it. And post more tomorrow.

But here is a quicky quick preview of my new, most favorite thing in my whole house. (Just kidding, but seriously.)

Yeah, I'm in craft love with it. And I'll probably make a bunch more tomorrow. I think these will make perfect Christmas gifts to my family because hello it is cheap and so, so easy!

More will come tomorrow! Goodnight, all!


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