Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let me tell you what I'm thankful for.


Plus a list about 912401 miles long. But mostly, I'm thankful for Evan.

This picture is hilar! I freaking laughed so hard because I forgot all about it. By the time we landed in Kenya we hadn't showered in over 24 hours. Gross, we know. We had been walking around Addis for an entire day, which is not the cleanest city in the world, and then we sat on a plane for four hours, and ew. We were just pretty gross. Oh, want to hear the grossest part? I only just admitted to this like 2 weeks ago because I knew it was nasty but I did not care at the time. Ok. Anyway, I threw my toothbrush away in Ethiopia. Brushed my teeth before we went to Addis and that was the last time I brushed them for 2 days. Told you I was gross. I did try to put toothpaste on my finger and pretend, but that just didn't work that well. So I'm kind of lucky Evan got that close to me considering I hadn't brushed my teeth or hair and hadn't showered in two days. Meh. Whatevs. Evan's beard was basically the same amount of grossness so we were evensteven.

Annnd that was a picture caption. Prepare yourselves for a long and sappy post.

Tonight I came home from work and kind of had a meltdown. I just finally succumbed to all the stress I've been dealing with for the past month and sat in my bathroom and cried for a good twenty minutes. Evan had no idea what was going on so when I came out, all red-faced and watery-eyed, he was like "OMG! What is wrong?!" And then when I proceeded to be a whiny girl who couldn't hold it together he just pulled me onto his lap and told me how much he loved me. He didn't really try to make everything better, I mean he tried to figure out what was wrong, which I just sat there in blubbering silence while he guessed everything from A to Z, but he didn't sit me down and interrogate me about what was wrong. And when I'm upset I like to be silent. And he gets that. So he asks yes or no questions and let's me talk on my own time. Which I appreciate.

But now, he has this new thing. He has now decided that he must find a way to make me laugh, or at least smile when I'm upset. He acts like such a fool, I can't help but smile. Usually he starts off with something like "You're so angry. I can tell you want to smile, though. Don't you?" Yeah, I'm three-years-old, please excuse me. And then I do and then he tackles me and tickles me until I am laughing and he has won. And tonight he really went all out with his silliness. He was making faces, talking to the dogs, talking like the dogs (our dogs have voices), and making fun of me. He completely lightened my mood and even though I was still upset and really wanted to pout for a good 24 hours, I couldn't help but be thankful that he was there to lift my spirits.

And then, I get to have a husband who loves the least of these and wants to love the least of these for the rest of his life. I don't think there would be an "us" without this in common. It is one of the strongest parts of our relationship because we are both so passionate about it. And I have gotten to go to Africa twice with him and watch him adore those kids. Twice. And he acts like such a good dad. It makes me so so sooooo excited for the day I get to see him with our kids. And the other days when we get to go back to New Hope and love on our Ethiopian kids some more. Because he is so good at it. I cannot even explain how much I love watching him with those kids. It just warms my heart.

Ps. Billings is getting a Sonic! About 900 miles from my house, which will hopefully deter me away from there. But exciting nonetheless!!!!

Evan is also one of the funniest people I have ever met. And I think laughter is the best medicine. Not only can he make me smile when I am being crabby pants (see above) but even when I am not crabby I am usually writing down every other word because he's just stinkin hilar. He also really likes to make fun of me, and it's usually pretty funny, so I usually burn 5 to 3000 calories a day just from laughing. Which is good because my current in-take is like 20 thou.

I think my current all time favorite Evan quote is this one:

Me: "What do you want for lunch?"
Evan: "I don't care. It's your turce. ..........Uhhh...I was going to say turn, but I said turce."

My favorite part is how he explained it. I think I laughed for a good hour that day. And pretty much every time I think of it I laugh out loud. Not LOL, laugh out loud. There's a difference people.

Evan never ceases to make me smile when I am going through a lot. Which is lucky for me because sometimes I go through a lot, a lot.

And so this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that God gave me such a wonderful husband. That he loves me even though I'm kind of a brat and I'm kind of needy. And also indecisive. I'm thankful that he would do anything for me, including going to three different stores to try to find coconut flakes for Grandpa's birthday cupcakes. Or how about when I decide I want some snacks at like 1 am? Good thing we have a gas station one block away, right? No. More like, good thing my husband lives to make me happy.

Which he does. And he definitely does not get enough recognition for that.

So, Evan, I love you. Thank you for being you. You are perfect.

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  1. Awwwww....Larissy!!! Don't cry :-D I am glad that you have such a wonderful husband who treats you so well. And that he can make you laugh and feel better. That is what it is all about!!!

    Hope everything is ok, I am here if you need someone to talk to too :-D

  2. <3<3<3

    You guys are cute. And perfect.

  3. You are precious. With your husband. <3

  4. this is amazing. i love it when a wife can love her husband this much. it's an amazing blessing isn't it? i loved this post and it reminds me of silly reasons i love mine so much too.

  5. you made me cry on Thanksgiving! Thanks for that(: ha ha (They are incredibly happy tears) I love that you love him sooo deeply and that he is such an awesome husband to you...I know he loves you passionately. It's a God thing Riss(: a gift of a man AND lots of laughter! You are blessed and you bless us by appreciating him. It's a kind of heritage... good husbands, those Cook boys...some day you will have a son(s) that gets that example and daughter(s)that know they are loved...amazing to consider, isn't it....kind of a big deal! love,love love you lalarissa xoxoxo

  6. Jeez, thanks everyone =] So much. Your comments really made my day =]

  7. :) I love you guys! You guys are great.