Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chat Roulette.

There is this new craze for some online video chat p2p thing. It's called Chat Roulette.

I used to see ads for it and I thought it was some sort of gambling site. Roulette=gambling, so yeah? No. It's some sort of video chatting site.

And recently I've seen some of the most hilarious videos with the site. Which makes me want to get on there and come across these people. And or be completely ridic myself and catch people's reactions.

Let me share with you.

These links are all hilarious. Seriously check them all out.

Katy Perry Peakcock
Piano Improve
And the funniest one of all...and if you don't check out the top two videos....check out this quick PAGE. Do. It.

Okay, that's all. Someday, my J&E, we should Chat Roulette it up. Maybe after some dranks.


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  1. Oh my gosh!! The piano man is awesome! I love him.

    Evan found some weird named website that is similar to that one, and they allow you to put effects on your box so you can make your face look funny. Anyway! We sat there one night and just were in the screen making funny faces not doing anything else, but the website was disgusting. Every other person was a man with his junk out, or boobs, so I made Evan stop going there.

    ANYWAY! Your plan about the 3 of us getting our drank on and Chat Rouletting it up...yeah that sounds perfect. And it will be hilarious.

  2. Apparently, that is what Chat Roulette is like, too. But if we are drunk and it's girls, whatever. I made Evan do it last night but he chickened out the second someone popped into the screen. hahaha

  3. Ummm you see A LOT of erect penises (peni?) on Chat Roulette. Perhaps this comment came too late.

  4. hahaha I've heard that and a lot of boobies. Lovely.