Sunday, October 3, 2010

13 days!

In exactly 13 days I will be boarding a plane that will take me to Denver that will take me to London that will take me to Kenya that will take me to Addis and a car that will take me to Ambo. THIRTEEN DAAAAYS.

We had our final meeting today which meant that the trip is coming soon, soon, soon. Then, my mother and I went and spent like 75 dollars on candy and toys for the kids, which makes me so much more excited. I finally feel like it's actually here.

I even bought stuff to make tie dye shirts. I love tie dye. Because I'm so good at it, probably.

I also bought some fun beachy linen pants I'm pretty excited to wear. I'm a little sad it's still warm here in MT because I would love for there to be snow on the ground and be able to rub the warm Ethiopian weather in the faces of my friends and family. But it looks like it's going to be nice for a while longer.

And tonight I found my Ethiopia journal from my last trip. I took it to the work site one day and wrote messages with Kababush and Roza. I took a picture of it tonight because it is just so precious.

I wrote my name out so she could spell it. And then it says, "I love you. May namee iss Rozaa." Ethiopia has a symbol alphabet so someone decided they should sound it out in English letters it got all messed up. There is no correct spelling for words because their words aren't suppose to be written in English. When they have to write in English they just sound it out and put extra and random letters in every word because there are no rules in their language as how to spell things.

On the other page I had drawn a heart so Roza started copying my heart and drew it all over her page. When ever I get a letter from her it's always covered in hearts and tons of "I love you Larissa's" except for she usually spells my name Loresy:

But I just love her. And I'm so, so SO excited to see her. And all my other babies.


We get to spend a day in London on the way there because we have a huuuuge layover. Apparently we got to Big Ben and the palace and Picadilly Circus. I've wanted to go to London foreverrr and ever, ever since I saw the most amazing pictures of London at night. I know that's kind of a dumb reason, but whatever. Still exciting.

And then on our way back, we get to spend the day in Nairobi, Kenya. Hell. Yes. We are meeting up with some lead pastor guy and his wife and they are taking us on an excursion through a...

dot dot dot


Words cannot contain my excitement for this. Elephants are my most favorite animal and this means that there will be baby elephants which are my favorite animal in baby form which is the best thing there is in the whole wide world.

When my pastor told me this I squealed like a little kid. Because I will be exactly 5 years old for this part of the trip.

We also get to go during feeding time which will probably mean that they want the cool Americans to feed them. And since I will be a cool American at the elephant orphanage I will get to feed a baby elephant!!!!!

Also, in the Philippines I was thisclose to buying a tarsiar from the tarsiar habitat zoo. And so I will probably be coming home with a baby elephant. I will definitely be saving some money for that part of the trip. Slash probably sell all my clothes and junk so it will fit in my suitcase. Next to Roza.

Anyway. We also get to go to a giraff thing, which is not as cool as the baby elephants, but it will be still be pretty cool. On a scale of one to awesome, it's awesome; where as baby elephants cannot fit on a scale because there is not a scale big enough to measure that amount of awesome.

We also get to visit some "Out of Africa" lady museum, which means I need to study up on that. A) I hear it's a sweet movie and B) I love history. So I need to know all about that.

I. am. so. excited.

It also means that my work countdown is down to 11 days! They freaking loaded me up with enough shifts to give one to every other sever and still have 15 to spare, so that's annoying. I suppose I should be grateful that they're still giving me good shifts since I'm leaving the country and kind of need to plump up my bank account; but I'm still annoyed. I have soooo much to do before I go, which includes finding a volleyball. I'm going to teach these kids how to play! And probably tear my shoulder a bit more. Wahoo! (Ps. Walmart does not carry volleyballs. They carry every other type of sport ball, but no volleyballs. I hate Walmart.)

Anyway. I'm going to go tie dye! Loveeee.


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