Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend.

Tonight was such a great night. I have been really trying to make dinner more to save money and be a real wife. It's fun. =]

So, tonight I made us one of the best meals ever. We've only really made like 5 meals since we've been married. So to be "one of the best" wasn't hard to do. Sad, I know. But we were gone all of July and have been so busy trying to get our life together. So now we're really going to do this grownup thing.

Anyway. Tonight I made pizza fondue which was seriously ahhhhmazing. It's like pizza but no bread. You dump all the goodies you would put on a pizza, sans cheese, into a pot, heat it up, and get bread, tortelloni/eni (?), and cheese cubes and dip those in your sauce. We got a fondue pot as a wedding present so I poured the sauce into that and we ate right out of it. So fun! I almost returned the fondue pot, too, because I figured we'd only make chocolate covered strawberries out of it. Then I found this pizza recipe and I'm in love.

It makes me so happy when Evan loves what I cook him. He has to be nice because he does, but I can tell when he's faking it. He legit liked the meals I cooked for him this week which makes me want to continue reading my cook books and find new things to try.

Anyway. After dinner we were reading the fondue pot book to see the instructions on how to clean the little guy and we came across the recipe section. We found this delish sounding recipe for fried strawberries so we decided we needed to have that for dessert. We had to run to the store to get most of the ingredients, including flour. And when we were putting the flour in its home Evan decided that it would be a good idea to throw the flour at me. Not a good idea. I in turn did it back to him but he made me promise not to throw it in his face. I am notorious for breaking Evan's promises so I did it anyway. Which in turn caused him to throw it back in my face. We had half the bag of flour all over us, in my hair, on my face, and on the ground.

But who cares? It was so fun. =]

Evan also ended up dumping a ton of flour into the stove, like through the heater things, the catch pans, and down into the top of the oven. So that will be fun to clean up tomorrow.

We're having our parents over for dinner tomorrow so I have to come up with some delish recipe to wow their socks off.

Love you, Evan.

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  1. Hey. I love you back.

  2. One more thing. Second picture=terrible.