Monday, November 30, 2015


Hi, hello. Neglecting this little blog corner over here in lieu of Big Things happening in my life. Such as: taking the entire month of December off (except for 2 shoots that were planned months ago) to celebrate a wonderful, busy year AND new and exciting things coming in 2016 AND just to be with my two favorite guys without worrying about the amount of photos to edit. Yay. I can hardly wait. Today is the last day in November and even though I'll have to work a little tiny bit in December, I am throwing myself a party tomorrow that will consist of sitting in front of the fireplace and reading the day away.

We also have something super exciting to share and are planning on announcing that around Christmastime. No hints will be given because it's new and exciting and we took a little video last week and rearranged our home to use our favorite wall as background for the video. So, the couch ended up in the dining room for a moment and I hung up these pictures last minute and we've decided they'll stay there forever.

Also, no I will not cut my child's hair. Stop asking.

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  1. I'm so excited to hear about what you have in store!