Thursday, September 17, 2015

things Maddox says V.2

More, as of late.

"Mom! Go titchen!"-Maddox
"What's in the kitchen?"-me
"Poop in there."-Maddox
"There's poop in the kitchen?"-me
"Yeah, I do."-Maddox
(no worries, friends. no poop in the "titchen.")

"Wash it!"-Maddox
"Don't be bossy!"-me
"Wash it. NOW!!!"-Maddox

"What's your favorite thing in the whole world?"-me
"New diaper."-Maddox

"Too picy me."-Maddox
(translation: too spicy for me.)

"How cute are you?"-Evan
"So toot!"-Maddox

"What do you want to drink?"-me
"Um, beer."-Maddox
(for those of you not a regular in my life, Evan and I tend to cheat and tell Maddox that anything we don't want to share is beer. Apparently we say that more than we think.)

"I want mine aboon."-Maddox
(translation: balloon)

"Damnit, Jay!"-Evan

"That is definitely P.I."-Evan

"Look your hair! Look so pretty!"-Maddox to me (yes, dead.)

"Oh mine dear."-Maddox

"You're going to see grandma."-me
"Bay?"-Maddox (Bay's the dog)
"No, other grandma."-me (we differentiate them by their animals I guess)
"Bonnie. Bonnie. Bonnie. I yuv Bonnie."-Maddox
 (my mom is thrilled that Maddox prefers to call her Bonnie)

"Hi, yittuh birds! Doing up dere?"-Maddox

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