Thursday, June 25, 2015


Evan woke me up with breakfast and fresh brewed coffee this morning. And I was prepared to spend most of my day editing pictures after he left for work but then he said, "Maddox, should we ask mom if she wants to go to Red Lodge?" And that my friends is how you show someone you love them. You surprise your significant other with a day off of work (for me, too, because I edited ZERO pictures today, minus my own. Praise.) and a roadtrip out of town. And good music and feet in fresh, COLD water and pictures and delicious burritos and favorite breweries. I want every day to be today but that would take away some of the magic I suppose.
I remember pre-Maddox and even while I was pregnant, being so, so afraid of not having enough one-on-one time with Evan after a baby was in our midst. I was so worried that our marriage would crumble because we would be so enamored and focused on this little life that we would forget about each other. And that is not the case at all. Evan and I make it out of the house for a date every once and a while. We grab dinner just us or catch a movie or go to coffee or make a target run. And I like it. It's fun to get away and hold his hand and not have the cutest baby screaming, "BAH!" in my face every four seconds. But he is part of us now. And even though this date doesn't really look like a date, it is a date for us. There is no where I would rather be than with my two guys. Anywhere on this planet, if they're with me, I'm undoubtedly the happiest.

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