Sunday, May 3, 2015

i'm the one for a good time call

Okay, I actually can't stand that SIA song but whenever it comes on I'm like, "OH! It's my song." Because I am. I'm the one for a good time call. You guys need a good time, I'm your girl. We don't even have to involve alcohol because I can paint nails like a freaking pro FOR FREE and do hair and I have the best red lipstick in the whole wide word and my kitchen is perfect for dance parties and so don't you even worry about it. You need a good time? CALL ME. MAYBE.

JK. I love songs. I can make the best playlist. I know all the dance moves.

So, here are a few pictures Evan took of me at our wedding this weekend.

I will dance on the patio ALONE and wear veils and red lipstick and sit on the ground and do push ups to get the BEST PICTURES EVER. And I am a good time and I have a lot of fun being ridiculous. Because life is basically too short to not laugh and have a good freaking time. AMIRITE. I am right.

WHAT IS NOT A GOOD TIME: When your cute, adorable, matchy-match black wedges rip right in the middle of your day. Good thing early morning preparedness Larissa was like, "Self, put a pair of sandals in that bag. Your feet are gonna hurt." Well, yes. My feet did hurt in those adorable wedges but my feet were also falling out of said wedges. So, excuse the sandals. On a hunt for new black cute comfy wedding photog shoes.

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  1. Was this at the same place you and Evan got married?

    1. Yes! They've done some additions to the back so it looks pretty different, but still sort of similar. We still love it ;]

    2. Haha...Nice! I thought some parts in the background looked familiar! The pictures you've posted from their wedding turned out wonderful! Thanks for sharing them!

    3. aw, thanks! it was super fun! i'm almost finished with them and i'm loving all of them so much. thanks for looking! ;]