Monday, January 5, 2015

We built a headboard

A few months ago, Evan and I built a headboard. It took us one whole afternoon and it's my absolute favorite thing in our house right now. I just want to be in my room forever. Our room is so hard for me to decorate because I want all my good projects to be out in the open where people will see them. It's not like people come to my house to hang out in my room. That would be weird. And so I make something and it goes in my living room and my poor bedroom has exactly one piece of art on its walls and I'm already sort of sick of it and considering moving it elsewhere. (Or just getting rid of the frame. I think it's the frame that bothers me.) So now I have something pretty to look at in my room.

Anyway, it was super basic and simple. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest but I have a major obsession with room rearranging (ask Evan, I rearrange like once a month) and so I needed the headboard to be moveable and so I had to come up with a solution for that. My initial idea was to hang it on the wall somehow but that would require patching and painting the walls every time we moved things around. So then I decided that we could just have the headboard basically standing on two legs and use the bed to hold it up against the wall.

We measured how high we wanted the headboard to be and then measured about a foot below the top of the mattress. We cut and sanded and stained everything and then screwed the boards into two vertical boards and bam, we were done.

It's not perfect but I love it so much. We finally rearranged our room this past weekend and as we took the lights off of our tree I decided that I wanted to keep a strand out for our bedroom. Evan looked at me like I was a little crazy but then I hung the lights up and now he knows not to question my good ideas.

There's a good chance I will be taking a lot of naps this year because I really just can't get enough of this spot.

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  1. excellent!! we're headboard buddies!!

    1. but i love all the boards in yours. yours is perfect. i like that we're headboard buddies. i feel pretty cool about that. ;]