Thursday, October 2, 2014


We named our new car Walter. He's not white (which would be hilarious, my fellow Breaking Bad fans) but he is blue. So, my fellow Breaking Bad fans, do you get it? Ha Ha Ha.

We've had him for a month. At first I would get in to go somewhere and be a little sad because it wasn't Simon. I would park in the Target parking lot (as far away from everyone else as possible because new car) and walk past at least five of Simon's cousins. And they would all be white. And I would hold back tears because I am a girl and also emotions.

And then I got used to it. Maybe it was the morning that Evan put Maddox in his carseat and started the car while I loaded up our water bottles and an extra blanket and double (triple) checked the diaper situation. That morning it was kind of chilly so Evan turned on my seat warmer. And that seat warmer warmed up my legs all the way to my back and that was really nice.

Or maybe it was making my first phone call using the blue tooth system and looking like all those blue tooth idiots I'm always making fun of because they're talking to themselves while they're driving.

Or maybe it was the time that every single radio station was advertising all at the same time and so I turned on our free subscription to Sirius radio and had a billion radio stations at the tips of my fingers.

There's a lot of good in this car. Like how I can see a little tiny hand pop up over the car seat in the back and wave around to the music. Or how Evan grabs my hand when we're driving. (you guys. kids = no hand holding. ever.) Or how this car has gotten us around town for a month and let's us know when someone is too close or we're about to run into something (thank you, caption obvious) or we've just hit a bush (expert bush hitter over here). Or how it has water sensors on the wipers and sometimes if a leaf hits the sensor the wipers go crazy and I lose my mind thinking I've hit a button and end up running the wipers for ten extra minutes while I figure out how to turn that stupid, god-awful sensor off.

So, Walter, welcome to our family. We kind of like you and your fancy ass.

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