Monday, October 27, 2014

10/12 (a year of dates)

I don't know where these months go. I really don't. All I know is that suddenly I'm staring straight on into the last week of the month and Evan and I have absolutely no time to go on a date. This last week of October is going to be pure craziness as we get ready for Halloween at our church but the good news is that we get to spend like 99-percent of that craziness together. It'll be like date 2.0 but with a lot of other people and also our child.

We decided to have breakfast this week (since mornings are the only free time we have) and because we hadn't done a breakfast date yet. We had planned on going to this delicious little diner and then found out that it was closing. And not just closing but closing the day before our date. Just please, life. I was pretty brokenhearted because it not only sounded delicious to me but I wanted to go somewhere we didn't frequent all the time and when we do go to breakfast, we go to one of two places.

We still hadn't decided as we were walking out the door this morning but I remembered our favorite quaint cafe downtown (where we had our June date) not only serves the best lunch but also has amazing breakfast. We've never been for breakfast before but we even had a coupon (destiny!) and so it was decided.

Every single thing on their menu looked fantastic. And that means that it probably is because I'm the pickiest breakfast person on the face of the planet and I never try anything new. Evan ordered a loaded breakfast burrito with everything you can imagine stuffed into that thing and I ordered banana and walnut pancakes. I don't even really like pancakes. I prefer waffles over pancakes but banana pancakes are so cute so I had to order them.

And it was amazing. Not only because the food was the best breakfast I've maybe ever had but also because it was just he and I and we weren't making up from a fight or coming down off a bad weekend. We had a great weekend and we spent a ton of time together and this has been a pretty great month and it just felt good to start my day and my week with a little quality time with my favorite person.  I'm not one for waking up early and sitting down to an actual meal in the morning. I'm usually rolling out of bed as Evan is heading off to work and Maddox and I find a nice warm spot to share some fruit and yogurt or a bowl of Lucky Charms or some leftovers. But there's just something about the intimacy of intentionally waking up early to eat with someone and to prepare food instead of raiding whatever's in the fridge. I'm going to have to make real breakfast an actual habit and I'm going to have to treat both of my boys to some banana pancakes.

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