Monday, June 30, 2014

6/12 a year of dates

It feels like all the months are flying by and Evan and I don't realize it until it's like the last week of the month and we've yet to get our date in. Our summer is going to be crazy busy and you would think we planned out in advance but we have not. And so last minute things like little lunch dates with ice cream to follow happen. And I'm not mad about it in the least.

I will forever be indebted to my friend Laurie who introduced me to the Muffaletta sandwich at the cutest little downtown cafe (except with olive spread, you crazy girl) because it is hands down one of the best sandwiches in all of the world. Don't even try and argue with me because you will be wrong. Laurie introduced it to me and I introduced it to Evan and to any of my other friends who haven't been, I will take you and you will fall in love and it will be glorious.

And so, that's basically what we did. We hung out just the two of us for a few hours, eating good food and going on the hunt for a rain jacket for Evan because he was about to go out of town and go fishing. Romantic. But that's how we do. And because this date wasn't super creative or well thought out or anything like that, we had another mini date this past weekend at a wedding we shot. We ate dinner alone (by "ate dinner," I mean that we stuffed our faces for five minutes) together in the corner, trying to speed-eat and not be noticed by anyone so that we could get back to work. I think that I can basically consider any dinner activity where a grabbing toddler who almost dumps my plate on the ground 4 times isn't around a date. Parents, you with me?

2 loves:

  1. McCormicks for lyyyyfe. I still go there every time I visit Billings. Because fries.