Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/12 [a year of dates]

We've known for most of this year that August would be the craziest month we've probably maybe ever had. Between a friends wedding, a trip to Denver, shooting a wedding, a staff retreat (for Evan) and taking my brother back to school, we were looking at being in town for a total of like five days. We checked our calendar for possible date nights and I am not kidding when I say there were three. THREE DAYS where we could have a date. And all but one of those days fell on the day before vacation, which if you know anything about me, you know that I am like a last minute pro when it comes to anything and so the day before a vacation is like the most hectic and worst day ever.

So we took that one golden day and we held on tight. Evan even took the entire day off of work so that we could have literally ONE day just us. Because we are out of town every weekend this month. So we needed just some family time.

And also a date.

We went to a quaint little vodka and gin distillery for some Moscow Mules because those have become my mascot for the month of August. I had a huckleberry one in Yellowstone and now I'm hooked. I used to hate them and now I love them and I tell every single person about how amazing they are and I spend a lot of time researching where I can buy the perfect copper mug because I have yet to fine THEE mug and they just aren't the same when you drink them out of a mason jar even though that's also adorable.


This little distillery used to be my favorite bar when I was a young bar hopper (I now avoid most bars like the plague). But then it closed down literally a week after Evan turned 21 (sad) and recently reopened to this. It's perfect and I love it and I forgive those four years I lost because now the crowd is much older and classier. Which is now my kind of place.

And also perfect for a little date night action. Raspberry & Blackberry Moscow Mules = hashtag perfection.

We also got pizza and watched some football and then made homemade MM's because, you know. Can't stop/won't stop or whatever.

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