Friday, July 25, 2014

7/12 (and a half)

I have, have, HAVE to include this picture in our monthly pictures. Just because it is my new favorite. Even if I didn't take it.

At Evan's family reunion a few weeks ago, his cousin Kim (also a profesh photog) took pictures of all the families. It was a quick sit on this couch and smile and done sort of thing, but it's so sweet. I love it a lot. And yes, we coordinated outfits. I actually dressed Maddox in a different shirt and then when Evan saw that we were both wearing gray, he went ahead and changed him into this shirt and I mean, gray + stripes is basically our family uniform 99% of the time. 

And probably my most favorite part of this picture is Maddox's little expression. He was being so, so serious (that's what 100 degrees + no nap will do to you) and like five people had to jump around and make faces at him to get him to smile. And smile he did (sort of?) but it's so adorable.

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