Monday, May 12, 2014

Maddox Currently

Since I'm not continuing the "Love, Mama" series, I wanted to keep up with all the new things that this crazy boy does. I think I shall write little update/currently posts here and there when Maddox hits a new milestone or when I have something amazing to share because obviously he is the most amazing child ever (said every mom ever).

Currently, Maddox is 13 and a half months and he is...

Walking. Oh yes. OH. YES. Walking! It's crazy. He had been taking steps here and there but very, very sparingly. He was an illusive walker, almost as illusive as the Loch Ness Monster. Almost. But then we realized that if we stood him in front of our french doors and he could see outside and see the dog or the cat he would take two or three or four steps. And so for days we would practice that and then one day he just decided that he would go for it away from the door. Evan and I were both home and that was really great because I wanted Evan to definitely experience that first-hand and not through a text or video. So, Maddox walked around and it looked sort of like a drunk baby for the first little while but he's gotten so much better and we're just now coming up on two weeks of walking. He hasn't learned how to stand himself back up unless he's near something he can climb up on, so he still crawls a little bit. I'm mostly just thankful because let me tell you how many pairs of pants with in tact knees he still has: NONE.

Drinking almond milk. On his birthday we started giving him whole milk and he would throw his sippy cup like I was actually giving him liquid rat poison instead. I wasn't. We tried it warm, steamed, cold, in a bottle, in a sippy, through a straw, in a glass. He wanted nothing to do with it so we were basically feeding him dairy in cheese and yogurt (and maybe a little ice cream, too) form. And then our pediatrician told us that almond milk is okay for him to have (plus it tastes like a million times better AND has more calcium than milk) and so he's been drinking that instead. I have tried to introduce cow's milk just about every week and he still thinks it is the grossest thing in the world. So do I, so I could care less if he likes it or not, knowing that I wouldn't drink that vile stuff either.

Sharing. Okay, this has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Maddox's new thing is to share with us. He will pick something up and then hand it to us and then go get something else and bring it to us and play this all day, every day. He's really into sharing his food and/or snacks with our dog or us and if we're in public and he has snacks, he's trying to pass them out to every person we see. He also really loves to share the food that he's already half-eaten and Evan and I have actually been christened as saints for the amount of soggy, half-eaten food that we have consumed because Maddox has forcefully shoved soggy nilla wafers and cheddar bunnies and things of that sort into our face and mouth areas.

Is really into helping. Maddox really loves to "help" me do anything. He loves to sit on the dishwasher door while I'm putting away the dishes. He loves to push all the buttons on the washer and dryer to start the loads of laundry. He loves to turn off the light switches we we leave a room. He loves to pull anything and everything out of the fridge and bring it to me while we cook dinner. He loves to push the microwave buttons and the timer button on the stove. He loves to rearrange all the spices in my lazy susan and sometimes get the lid off of the cooking spray and spray that all over the floor. He's the most helpful.

Saying words. Maddox says "mama," (about everything but mostly Evan and I), "dis" and "dat" (this or that), "TT" (kitty),  "D!" (dog), "nana," (whatever it is that I have that he wants). He points to everything and will even point to another room if something he wants is not in this room. He's always pointing to the things he wants and says, "Dis! Dis! Dis!" He mostly just babbles on about everything but there are sometimes a few discernible noises in there. We're still working on the fact that Evan is not "mama" but whenever Evan comes into a room or leaves a room, Maddox shouts, "MAMA! MAMA!" while pointing at Evan. Like I said, we're working on it.

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