Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter

I just really like Easter. And this year I was pretty annoyed with the fact that it was so late in the year because I fee like it's weird. Is it weird? I don't know. Maybe. But then Montana decided to have the most beautiful weather probably ever and I enjoyed it far more than should be allowed. So, now I say yes to late Easters so that we can have springtime weather always and we can play outside for most of that day. Because that is what we did because it would be a total crime to stay inside on such a lovely day.

My mom kicked off Easter in the best way by buying me a tulip that will eventually find itself planted in my yard. So. That's nice of her. We spent Saturday night with my family and Sunday with Evan's (dude. it's so hard to please everyone and still get enough time to be a family ourselves every holiday.) so we were fed a LOT of good food and you would think that we wouldn't be hungry for like a week after prime rib and ham and more ham and enough potatoes to feed a small army. On Sunday night we gave Maddox his Easter basket which consisted of a bunny that I hand-sewed for him and also the book, "The Tale of the Three Trees," which was one of my favorites growing up and I found it for $4 on Amazon because I'm mostly amazing at shopping. So, there was no basket involved but I'm still calling it an "Easter basket." I know. Evan was just as confused. We spent Sunday night as a family just lounging around and trying to coax Maddox into walking and also walking ourselves around the neighborhood and discussing plans for the rest of our spring and summer. I feel like this gorgeous Easter weather has totally propelled me into DIY-mode and I have about a hundred projects I want to complete and how is it also already almost May? Still trying to get used to this late Easter thing, but mostly loving it.

I'm also slightly confused because was it not just Christmas? Like, yesterday? I don't understand how time works around here. It'll be Christmas again before I even know it probably.

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  1. :) oh by the way love your outfit Larissa and the family picture....... :)

  2. Good grief. You guys take the cutest pictures. Like they keep getting cuter and cuter.
    And that tulip--gorgeous! Happy Easter!

  3. Love all these! So precious, too.