Thursday, December 26, 2013

what a difference a year makes

Then & Now

A year ago we were meeting our little somebody in our third ultrasound to measure the spine and make sure we were back on track with weight and measurement. We were in awe of how big our (tiny) baby had gotten and how much moving those little arms and legs did. We watched the baby wiggle around and kick against the ultra sound wand and fall asleep with his hand by his face. We came home and impatiently counted the weeks until we would meet and felt him push and kick against our hands as we pressed on my belly.

Today we wrestled with this monkey boy, holding him upside down and throwing him into the air (his favorite). We stacked his brand new wooden blocks in a tall, tall tower and he repeatedly pushed them over and laughed and laughed at his accomplishment. We read all of his new books and read them again and then again.

It doesn't even seem possible that that tiny little baby, the size of a head of lettuce, is now nine months old and the size of many heads of lettuce. Last year, seeing our baby on that tiny little screen, I could not have even fathomed what a year from then would have looked like. And today, I cannot imagine what a year from now will look like.

Life is crazy. And beautiful. And amazing.

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  1. Awwww love the ones your guys are holding him and Evan oh May that be soo funny ya ever posted on this blog.. Awww very sweet!! :)

  2. What a sweet post! Isn't it inspiring when you realize how much change happens in one year? I look back at the last ten years of my daughter's life and am amazed at all the changes!

    He's absolutely beautiful. You have a beautiful family!

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your amazing comment!

    1. it's crazy! i love looking back and being so amazed! because i see his face every single day and don't notice the changes and i'm like, no he's always looked like this. and then i realize that he's suddenly a big boy with a personality and teeth and i look at his new born pictures and realize just how big he's gotten. it's insane.

      thank you so much!