Wednesday, December 4, 2013

tree trimming

We decorated our Christmas Tree last Wednesday (yes. procrastination central over here) and it was magic. Pure magic I tell you. We even let Maddox stay up past his bed time just so we could play with the lights and so that he could hang some ornaments on our tree. And also because I put him in thee cutest jammies on the face of this planet and didn't want to have to put him to bed at our regularly scheduled bedtime.

We picked up our tree and made sure to get our annual Christmas Tree Picking Photo:

Yes. Ridiculously adorable baby. Thanks to my brother for snapping this gem!

We turned on some Christmas music and lit a Christmas candle and spent a good long while playing with Maddox and the lights. We were in the middle of snapping pictures and trying to keep the lights out of his mouth when all of the sudden, Maddox took off crawling across the floor. He had been doing one or two "steps" here and there but he finally just took off. And in jammies and on hardwood floor no less. We promptly took a very long video of the cuteness and sent it off for high praise from all the grandparents and aunts and uncles and then proceeded to put the lights on the far side of the room to watch Maddox crawl back and forth. (And he has not stopped since.)

This night was the best nights we've had in a long, long time. I think it was mostly Maddox's cuteness overload that did us in, but just being together as a family and loving on that sweet boy and watching him grow up right before our eyes (literally) has just been magic. I'm so incredibly thankful and blessed and I know that this holiday season is going to be the best. There is no other way when you have a crawling baby in those sweet knitted jams.

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  1. Beautiful pictures with two good look'en fellas and a pretty mamma too☺

  2. Can I just say that I adore all of your pictures? Like all the time. Just love them.
    And you're not procrastinating one bit--we bought our tree Friday and STILL haven't decorated. It's a crime. Hopefully tomorrow we get that sucker all glitzed up ;]

    1. aw. thanks sweets!

      i absolutely refuse to put up my tree without immediate decorating. my parents used to buy a tree and leave it outside for like a week. i mean, hello MOM & DAD what the heckfire are you doing?! now that i'm an adult and can make my own decisions, i DEMAND the tree be decorated immediately. ;]