Sunday, October 6, 2013

the weekend

you guys? i need to brag on my husband for a minute. it's been far too long since i've dedicated a post to him and he deserves some serious credit and high fives among other things for this weekend.

this week has been a week of mommy guilt and inadequacies and bad things happening to really good people and just all around shittiness. i was so looking forward to the weekend and just spending time with my family because after this week, that's all i really wanted.

but evan started The Best Friday Ever by taking our very restless and anti sleeping babe out of our room after i fed him and told me to sleep in for a while. he woke me up a little later to tell me that he had taken the day off of work a few months ago (just for fun, as a surprise) (and also right after he did that i unknowingly told him i would love it if one morning he was just like, "SURPRISE! no work today!" i'm telling you. our telepathy should get its own TV show.) and we were going to brunch to celebrate no work.

so we did. to our favorite brunch spot where we got our usual and we talked and hung out on a random day during the week.


we also went to coffee and we also watched a few episodes of the office (still rewatching. still mad that it's over.) and evan turned to me and said, "i know that i said i didn't want to do anything tonight, but you need to go put a dress on because i told your mom we would be there at 5:30 so she could take maddox and i could take you to dinner."


so i got ready, he got ready, we dropped the baby off and went to our favorite fancy-pants-no-babies dinner location where we sat at a B-A-R and sipped big kid drinks and talked big kid talks. i ate my entire meal without the cutest little paw reaching into my plate faster than i can stop it. and i ate my entire meal without it growing cold. i felt so pampered and spoiled. (plusalso i had a big girl glass of wine. FANCY.)

but i missed my kid. for real. i love eating cold food with a bouncy baby on my lap and his fingers in my plate and grabbing at my fork and my glass. it's my jam and it's the very best.

i was plotting out my dessert POA when i jokingly asked evan, "so. you got any more tricks up your sleeve?" and indeed he did. out came two tickets to les mis. our friend slash the worship director at our church was a lead in the play and watching a play is like 423524 times better when you know the actors IRL. except for i don't know why they didn't ask me to be in the play because i spent the remainder of my friday night and all of saturday singing and dancing and all around being a movie star. because you know how i do.

saturday and sunday we hung out as a family and acted ridiculous (i found a scarf in my closet and tied it around my head and wore lipstick THREE. DAYS. IN. A. ROW. [first time in like a year.] which just makes me act so ridiculous) and had such a good weekend. i hate that weekends have to end because seriously, i could live on an endless saturday.

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