Sunday, August 11, 2013

august eleventh//one year

lately i've been asking evan a lot of "do you know what today is?!" really excited like and he runs through the obvious checklist. "not our anniversary...not your birthday...not my birthday...not maddox's birthday..." and that's where he pretty much gives up. he's called me leslie knope a few times (today's the first time we ate waffles together!) [oh, you don't watch parks & rec? sorry for you.]

but the first time i did it was a few weeks ago....for the time that i told evan i thought i was pregnant. i refuse to tell anyone that story because it's hilarious now but it wasn't then. and evan got madish even though he says he didn't. [evan. i would like to point out our adorable baby boy. thanks.]

but today is the one year anniversary of the time i took a million four positive pregnancy tests (i know some people take like 30 tests but fyi, those things are expensive. and i know that sometimes they're "wrong" but probably they're not.] and then went and hung out with our friends at a wedding. i took the test probably an hour before our friends came over to our house to meet up and head to the wedding and i was so stressed out. i remember every.single.thing we did that day, from shopping to lunch at salad creations where i told evan that i needed to take the test to know for.sure to getting ice cream at coldstone (one of the reason's i knew was because i kept gagging on everything and i had brownie pieces in my ice cream and i couldn't get them down. so i googled it and google was like "PREGNANT. BOOM." and so it was.)  to sneaking through target with a pregnancy test hidden behind some random junk trying to avoid seeing anyone i knew.

and then i took those tests and evan prayed for me because i was a nervous wreck. and there were those two blue lines and just like that our lives were changed forever and ever.

i could never have imagined how much my life would change in one short year. we are so blessed by this little life and i didn't understand what changes my heart and mind and soul would go through bringing this sweet boy into my life. he's the best part of me and i'm so blessed to be his mama. i know the day of officially finding out that i was pregnant pales in comparison to the day maddox was born but this day changed my life forever and ever and i'll always have a special little place in my heart for august eleventh.

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  1. What a good looking little fellow you have ☺

  2. Precious!
    I feel ya on the taking so many pregnancy tests. When we were on birth control, anytime Aunt Flo was a little bit late, I thought I was was pregnant, so I took like three tests all in a row because I didn't trust my pee or something . . . I HAD to make sure it was negative. When we were actually trying to get pregnant, I took like four but spaced them a few days apart because I wanted to be sure there wasn't a fluke. It's hard to trust a little pee stick. I mean, what if your urine's lying or the stick is defective? You just never know.
    Women are just ridiculous, aren't they?

    It's so sweet that Evan prayed for you right then and there. :] What a great way to begin your pregnancy!

    And, now, look at that beautiful little person you made! So awesome!

    1. evan once told me that pregnancy tests can't be trusted unless you hold your pee in for a long time. i was like....i don't think so, buddy. hahaha maybe that's true. but seriously. women are ridiculous. for sure.

      and thank you thank you thank you. <3