Tuesday, April 2, 2013


it is my favorite to watch the relationship blossom between evan and maddox. i've had 9 months to bond with him inside of my belly, every stretch and kick and hiccup i've already felt. his daddy has, too. every night before going to bed evan would lay his hands on my stomach and little maddox would kick and stretch against them. evan didn't have to press hard to make his presence known. maddox just knew that his daddy was touching my stomach and he would go wild. but our experiences have been different, understandably; and i've been so exited for the moment i would see evan become a dad. because he's been a dad for 9 months, assembling the crib and making nursery decorations and hanging up the curtains and massaging my feet and naming our baby and installing the car seat and every other big and small task he's accomplished in the name of maddox. but to see him hold that little bundle for the first time and to see him rock maddox to sleep and get peed on and soothe him when he cries and kiss his little head and beam with so much pride every time he gets to show him off, it's been my absolute favorite thing to watch.  their relationship is so special, a daddy and his son. and i'm so thank for my two guys and especially evan, my partner and best friend who has taken on this role like another layer of skin, so perfectly and smoothly and without any hiccups or problems or complaints. i can't imagine my life being any different. everything is in its right place and everything is perfect.

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  1. Love this! Absolutely precious :]

  2. Wow, a site to behold... the little guy loves to cuddle with dad.... feeing, safe, secure, warm and loved.....a forever picture.

    1. he loves to cuddle! and so do we so i works out well. =]

  3. <3 the pictures of Evan and Maddox! Thanks for sharing...