Monday, April 1, 2013

happy easter

happy easter!

today was the best day. we took maddox to church with us because i lovelovelove easter service. i just wore him in the wrap so that no one would touch him or hold him and get their germs all over his 5 day old body. he was such a little celebrity (because evan works there) and everyone fell in love with his sweet sleeping face because how can you not? i wasn't going to take him to the nursery because see above and the service would be way too loud for his precious little ears so we sat in the "family center" where there are comfortable sofas and a TV that broadcasts he service. it was weird and not my ideal easter service but it was perfect because my sweet baby boy slept curled against my body for an entire uninterrupted hour.

we weren't able to find an easter outfit before easter (target apparently thinks this world is made up of only baby girls and let me tell you what: no.) and so we dug through what we've got (which isn't much because nothing fits my skinny little guy) and found some jeans and an adorable elephant onesie and even though us + evan's mom were the only people who saw the outfit because he peed on it (side eye at the pee), it was adorable.

let me tell you another pee story: last night as i was nursing him i was just staring at him in awe when all of the sudden i saw a gush of liquid come out of the top of his diaper. he managed to pee straight up and because he was laying down the diaper didn't even have a chance to soak it up. so it spilled out all over me and we laughed about it for a good five minutes because evan was peed on like 5 times in the hospital. i tell you that to tell you this: as i was nursing him tonight i hear a noise and knew, i knew without ever hearing this noise before that pee was about to come shooting out of his diaper. which it did. and landed square on my face (mouth was closed, thank you baby Jesus!!) and i reacted within a split second, cupping my hand over the fountain and causing my same stupid tank top (fresh out of the washer, of course) to again be covered in my son's pee.

welcome to motherhood, i guess?

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  1. Cute picture - you all look great.... enjoy..


    1. thank you! everything sure feels great!

  2. oh may what a good mother you are no one wont hold him what a good mom you are i can till u love this little of joyfull peacefull baby ya have i fulled in love with that picture of the baby crying cold for his body aww and soo cute and wounderful!! :)

    1. alsooo haaaa my brother peee on my perants faces i hope that could make u happyier