Sunday, March 17, 2013


it's so weird being so close to having this baby here and still having absolutely no idea when baby is coming. apparently they have their own timing. or so i keep hearing. that's annoying for this over planner. we had our weekly appointment on tuesday where i told her i absolutely would.not be induced if my body wasn't ready and she promised not to do that to me. and my body is cooperating already at 37 weeks so here's hoping it stays cooperating.

we also have to now do weekly ultrasounds to check the fluid levels and make sure the babe is growing and all that jazz. mostly i feel like it's a ploy to suck more money from me, but we get to see the baby so i'm not complaining that much. this time the tech whipped through it but gave us a picture of our baby making a duck face. our babe also likes to stick its tongue out AND. ANNNNND in the picture you can see the eye. THE EYES ARE OPEN.

i mean. crazy!

we've also been catching up on private practice and i'm going to tell my doctor that i know everything about having babies because of this show. evan and i chose not to take the child birth education class because the teacher is a loon. so really, we have no idea what we're doing. but seriously the teacher. she called me on the phone to find out if we were coming to class and no, because it is on evan's only week night off and with 4 weeks to go we just couldn't give up that night for those 4 weeks (plus 6-9. my bedtime is 8. c'mon.) and then i was put on bed rest and then the teacher told me that she has a mattress for me to lay on. and she kept talking about giving birth to me on the phone and what my body is going to do and i went into 5th grade girl mode and was like STAAAAAHP. and so we decided not to go because we're immature and feel like winging it. no one tell my doctor.

evan also was the sweetest this weekend and took me on our "last" date. we went for thai and froyo and hung out as a party of two for maybe the last time. and if this baby stays put for another week there'll be another "last" date. and another, and another until this baby comes along. and as much as i want a million more last dates, i'm ready for this baby to arrive. i also wonder if people look at me and think TEEN MOM because seriously, i look like i'm 15. i'm tired. those are bags under my eyes. and i literally didn't get out of bed until 4. get it together, larissa.

there are also people in our lives who don't understand the whole "having a baby" thing. like, being annoyed with us for not hanging out with them, asking us to go out to bars (hiiii, i'm 37 weeks pregnant. not appropriate.) and junk. it's frustrating and i just want to shake them. i love giving people space because i love my space and apparently this isn't a mutual thing for everyone. ALSO. someone straight up copied our pregnancy announcements and i'm kind of livid about it. i don't get people. i should wear a sign that says, "i'm 37 weeks pregnant and you shouldn't mess with me." because truth.

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  1. You make me laugh :]

    I'd be irritated, too, if someone stole my announcement. Then again, with Pinterest and all that, stuff gets around and you can't tell who's done what and everyone's doing the same thing and yadda yadda. Might have been an honest mistake :] Maybe not . . .

    Love your "I'm 37 weeks pregnant and you shouldn't mess with me" sign. HA! Brilliant :] I hope you're having an awesome weekend!

    1. F'RUHLS, girl. Except I know these people personally and we were friends. Friends enough to know that 7 months ago I took the exact same picture. Funny though, because "Pinterest was our inspiration" was their EXACT excuse. But seriously. Don't mess with me. I'll cut you.